A writer’s greatest fear: Depression

Okay Pieces, we need to talk.
I don’t know what happened. I was so happy, I was so inspired, I was so driven. Call it the summertime sadness, but it all went away, and now I’m left with no words to write or anything to grasp onto. Maybe I overworked myself, maybe I drained all of the inspiration out into the first month of summer. Maybe I just focused too much on writing and ideas, and swaps and haikus, that I killed it for me.

All I know is that whenever I sit down to write anything, even if its a to do list…. instead of the excitement and love that I feel, I just feel sad.

I have taken many things into consideration… I might just need a break, or the depression may be consuming me again. I mean obviously I wouldn’t be from anything new and it wouldn’t be progressing anymore, but I feel like I kind of just pushed it all into a closet to clean out on a rainy day. I mean, it’s been 6 months with Steven and everyone knows that these 6 months have been the best of my life, but I can’t help if there are still some things unsettled deep down. I need to take some me time, get things sorted out, (priorities, ideas, projects, a game plan) and I need to do it at my own pace, without the stress of knowing that my readers are wondering where on earth I might be.

I swear I’m fine, and I swear it won’t be like the last time. I’m not in danger, I’m not unhappy, I am just sad, and for almost no reason at all.

So Pieces, i think I’m going to take a little bit (more) time off from you. Maybe I’ll start writing poetry again, maybe I’ll start drawing or painting again. All I know is I need sometime. This is not a break up, I promise. This is just a month or maybe 2 off.

See you soon pieces. (With a flood of haikus to catch up for my 365 Haiku challenge, which I refuse to fail.)


Love you all so much,

Stay Special,

365 Haiku Challenge: Week 25




Shadows cast over,

Born is the night from the day,

Something so tranquil.


It’s oblivion,

Its everything and nothing,

Lost and forgotten.


We are all the void,

This abyss is not our bliss,

Eternal darkness,


Its armour of scales,

And its breath is fire kissed,

Just like you are now.


Demons from the deep,

Seep into your cloudy sleep,

Souls they aim to keep.


The twinkle spark kind,

Bippity boppity boop,

magic made to last.


Take me to hogwarts,

Scratch that, just take me to Tonks,

Too much in common.


365 Haiku Challenge: Week 24




The rain rolling in,

Cleans away the dirt and salt,

Wash away the day.


Has me tied in knots,

got me running in circles,

What do we do now?


I’m so hesitant,

To allow myself to run,

Can’t run anymore.


Excited for us,

We are living together,

Nervous and happy,


He’s my happiness,

He parts the clouds the fastest,

Brings all the sunshine.


Overly cautious,

part of me will always be,

A little bit scared.


Why are you so cold?

When all I do is warm you,

Be my winter coat.


365 Haiku Challenge: Week 23




Such a fancy pants,

Fruity and most colourful

Shaken but not stirred.


Martini on ice,

Mixed to drunken perfection,

Shake me a porn star.


Blended Daiquiris,

Peach, Strawberry, Raspberry,

Ice so soft and smooth.


His favourite draft beer,

It’s the only one like it,

The darkest around.


All these dizzy spins,

have me tripping all around,

Far too much to drink.


Don’t often throw up,

But then again I don’t drink,

Well not much at least.


Got black out wasted,

Forget me not lone ranger,

How did I get home?


365 Haiku Challenge: Week 22 (Super late)




Silly Tequila,

Makes the clothes invisible.

Lost shaker of salt.


Patron is a no,

I’ll never drink it again,

One or two bad nights.


Warm rummy feelings,

The magical drink of choice,

Good for sweeter things.


They call me gin-ger,

Mix me with tonic water,

Just a little lime.


Vodka, Screwdrivers,

Bad ass vodka cranberry,

Too Russian for me.


Friskiest whiskey,

Don’t you feel it in your veins?

Canadian Club.


Jagerbombs all day,

Breakfast and lunch and dinner,

Way too much red bull.


365 Haiku Challenge: Week 21



Despair fills my lungs,

And I try to breathe it out.

Heavy and faulty


And my heart swells up,

like twenty bursting balloons,

it scares me to death.


Droopy dreary day,

Worst kind of disappointment,

make it go away.


I’m red in the face,

and I’m ready to explode,

why are you not here.


Content with this life,

Things have never been balanced.

Coming up Mazie


No longer broken,

You put me back together,

completes everything.


Snapping memories,

Whirling throgh the older times,

shutter speeding up.


Blog Swap: Safie Maken Finlay


Three Great Tricks for Combating Writer’s Block

I would guess that every writer encounters writer’s block at some stage. Some are plagued by it throughout their careers. It could be caused by the pressure of writing that difficult second book, an imminent deadline, or sheer mental exhaustion. Here are my three favourite solutions for overcoming this dastardly condition.

1) Leave Home!

When I am at home, the smallest sound can prevent me from writing. Even total silence can be distracting. I will look around the room and think of every minor household task that I would normally show no interest in doing. “The tops of those cupboards,” I might say to myself, “are extremely dirty. I bet nobody has dusted them in years. I had better do that before I start writing.”

On the other hand, when I am on my own in a cafe, the laptop open on the table in front of me, nothing distracts me from the task at hand. The music system can play the worst music in the world at volumes guaranteed to produce deafness at a 100 paces, small children can have major meltdowns right by my feet, my head can become the midpoint in a plate-throwing contest, and a small earthquake can cause every single car siren in the neighborhood to start blaring; I will just keep writing.

2) Get Moving!

Any exercise is good for the imagination, but the best kind, from a writing point of view, is the kind of exercise you can do on your own, with the minimum of input from your conscious mind. Walk along a country path (avoid roads where cars will be an issue) or swim in a pool that isn’t too busy. While you are doing this, think about what you want to be writing. Do not force yourself to focus on plot or character development, just allow the story to float around in your mind. Eventually, ideas should surge into your head.

3) Just Write!

Do this writing exercise: Pick any character, preferably from the book or story you are working on, and place them in any random place or situation. Describe what the character is doing in that situation, however mundane. It could be as dull as “she made herself some coffee, putting several scoops of ground java into a cafetiere and adding some boiling water from the kettle. While she waited for the coffee to brew, she stood morosely against the counter for several moments before deciding that it would be nice to have a chocolate chip cookie as well. She opened the door of the cupboard and looked for the tin of chocolate chip cookies. There it was, where she had left it the last time. Using her nails, she prised the tin open….”

That is the kind of thing I mean. It can be as dull as you like. In some ways, the more mundane the better, because your imagination will then leap in like a literary superhero, hoping to rescue the situation with a bit of excitement. Just as you are thinking about what kind of biscuit would most suit your character’s personality, a nearby explosion will shake the foundations of the house, causing her coffee to spill and burn her fingers.

DSC_0026 About Safie Maken Finlay

Safie Maken Finlay is a novelist and writer of things other than novels. She was born in London, England, and has an eclectic background, but she has lived most of her life in Ireland and considers it to be her home. She lives there now with her family in a house overlooking the mountains, surrounded by curious cows, goats who believe they are human, an inexplicable number of hens named after Star Wars characters, some bouncing saliva machines (or dogs, as they are sometimes called), and one slightly perplexed cat. Safie is the author of The Galian Spear, the first novel in a fantasy adventure series for children aged nine and over. She has also edited several published works and reviews books for the Swallows Nest Children’s Books Site. Safie is supposed to be writing two novels, but she is frequently found tweeting instead. If you notice her on Twitter, please tell her to switch off the Internet and go back to work. If you wish to find out more about Safie or her books, you are very welcome to visit her website: www.safiemakenfinlay.com


365 Haiku Challenge: Week 20




The lean little limbs,

Stretch lengths across the dance floor,

Telling her stories.


You were such a crush,

You never really noticed,

But it crushed my heart.


Robots need love too,

Robots have their creators,

Please save the robots.


I mix drinks alone,

To kill the aching lonesome,

when he isn’t there.


A Harvard colour,

Painted regal and royal,

A rhubarb pie scent.


Those mexican feels,

crispy quesadillas please,

doritos locos


The flakie layers,

Which seperate the center,

Fruit, safe from the world.


What to do with leftover candle wax

Hey pieces! Today is not about writing! No! Today is about nice smelling things that help my writing proc… NO! THIS IS NOT ABOUT WRITING!

This post is about my new little mini hobby: Wax Melts

A couple of my friends have come over to see my cute little collection and expressed interest so I figured I would make a post to show the process of making wax melts!!

Things You Will Need:
- Super used candles or candles you don’t want to burn anymore.
- A ice cube tray you don’t need to use for ice (Get cute shaped ones at the dollar store!
- A spoon
- A a wax burner, or a pot and the stove


This is my wax burner! I bought it for $13 from loblaws and its wonderful and attractive!!

This is some left over wax from a 3 layer sugar cookie Yankee Candle! It smells SO great!

So you can burn the candle for a little bit before you try to spoon it out, or you can just go to town and dig it out! Doesn’t matter how messy it looks, it smells awesome!


Here is the cute little ice cube tray I use for my melts!


Here are some melts I’ve been making! All different scents!  Ready to melt!


Here is our melty little wax pot! Note: This is SO MUCH EASIER AND CLEANER THAT POT AND STOVE TOP METHOD!


Pour the wax in the mold and put the mold in the fridge and then rinse and repeat! Once you feel like changing you wax pot, just pop a new melt in and you’re good to go, and though the wax will slowly lessen you can always add different waxes together! Makes me feel like a chemist!

Well, I hope this was a cute little helpful post that interested you all! Please send me some photos or scent ideas for my wax pot!

- Maz

MayNoWriMo Special Gift!!




Hey wrimos!! Here is the lil gifty I promised you!!



Here is the lovely little MayNoWriMo Participant badge that I made! Wear it with pride my friends!!

You can hyperlink it to the initial MayNoWriMo post and that way we can get a better following for next year! So proud of all of you beautiful people! <3

Pass it on!
- Maz