NaNoWriMo is Kicking My Butt!

Hey friends!

I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I know I said I would still try to post in November, but it’s proving more difficult than I thought it would! My assignments from school are not slowing and I’m adding an almost 2k word count on top of all that. I’m a little bit ahead today, but I think I am going to have to prioritize a little bit and postpone the haiku posts! I think I am going to find a day in the next few weekends and try to write some haikus, but there is such a strain!

Some good news is that I am actually loving being a pantser this year! Thats right folks! I planned NOTHING! I am sitting at the end of chapter 2 with 5000 words under my belt after 3 days… and I’m feeling pretty good… Also something that’s motiviating me is that I have a few covers for my novel already!

I made this first one:

DUST copy

And a lovely wrimo in the forums made me this one! I’m in love!


Now you might be wondering, Mazie, why do you have a cover already!? YOU NEVER DO THAT!?
Wellp, I have decided to release my novel to wattpad (or another juke like website) There’s a first time for everything and I think I am going to try it out for a little bit. If I don’t care for it, I won’t post the whole novel, obvi, but it could give me some nice feedback and motivation too! :)

So I will keep you posted on that!
Have a lovely day!
– Maz

365 Haiku Challenge: Week 42



Everything they say,

she has a rebuttle for,



Never deceitful,

he as only been honest,

and it goes both ways.


I try to keep calm,

but at times peace can’t be kept,

and I hate those days.


The pain in my chest,

weighs heavy like the asphalt,

ready to be poured.


I’m not a number,

and I hate feeling like one,

I’m human, I swear.


All that I respet,

and everything I care for,

seems to fall away.


They keep marching on,

in what they think is a good,

stable direction.

My Reading Week

Hey Pieces,
I’m not sure that I mentioned that last week was my reading week, but it was. As most of you know I am graduating from college this year and so sometimes things tend to get a little bit hectic. This being said, they get pretty crazy last week, and therefore I had to take a few days off from the blog. I honestly think I have covered everything when it comes to NaNo Prep posts, so unless someone leaves me a comment saying they want me to write about a topic, I don’t think I will be writing anymore of those posts on my own.

As it stands right now, I have 3 articles to write for my program, I need to attend the Municipal elections in my region tomorrow and write  story about it all….but 1am and I need to catch up on a few essays, not to mention my novel isn’t outlined AT ALL! So I think I am going to take a few more days off. I will be here on November 1rst, to see you all off into your NaNoWriMo adventures, though! Don’t worry!

Love you all,
Thanks for understanding!
– Maz

365 Haiku Challenge: Week 42



He gestures my way,

waving me to come closer,

leading me to him.


Shes feeling dirty,

like she has been dragged in mud,

caked to skin and hair.


The constellation,

crux, in the deep southern sky.

the southern cross stars.


She just felt so small,

Like a single lima bean,

alone and at sea.


I’m no stepford wife,

but when the house is messy,

I’m almost that bad.


She is miss fortune,

she is all that is red hot,

shock and awe pirate.


She was surrounded,

and she had no more options,

she became the plague.

NaNo Prep – Day 14: Motivation and Bribery


Hey Pieces,
Hope you all had an amazing weekend like I did!
Today I want to talk about getting motivated! Now most of the time, writing isn’t the problem, finding the inspiration and motivation is, and so with this in mind, I bring to you my list of full proof motivation tips and tricks.

Staying Motivated:
– well the cheapest tip is to find a NaNo buddy, and get together online or in person and write until your daily target is hit.
BRIBERY: Just like it sounds, bribe yourself with things you want or want to do. For example, if you like candy or almonds or chocolate, every 500 words, give yourself a piece of whatever it is you desire. (Bulk Barn is your friend!) If you like coffee, buy yourself a refill for every 1000 words you write. But be strict about it. If you don’t hit the 500 or 1000 words, you don’t get your treat.
- EVEN BIGGER BRIBERY: Give yourself a condition or a deal. Say “If I write my 50,000k I am going to buy myself an NaNoWriMo mug or tshirt! It’s what I did last year, and then at the end my mum ended up buying it for me for christmas, silly mumsy.
– Honestly, bragging rights are usually enough, not everyone is able to say they wrote 50k in 30 days! :P

So I hope this gives you some ideas on staying motivated. Bribery isn’t cheating in my books, its just giving you a little more reward, I will be talking more about the rewards or nanowrimo but sentimental and actual things they give you when you win!

Have an amazing day,

NaNo Prep – Day 13: Not a Novel? Not a problem!


Hey pieces,
Today I want to talk about possibilities, more specifically, what you can write during NaNoWriMo. A lot of wrimos and die hards say that you HAVE to write a novel in November, but I believe it can be so much more than that.

Up until a few days ago I was definitely planning on writing either a memoir, or a writing course. And that is fine! As long as you are completing a goal in the month of November and writing more than you usually do, why not? It doesn’t matter if it is in poetry or novel form just make sure you are writing.

This isn’t really a tip or anything, just something to think about, NaNoWriMo maybe National Novel Writing Month, but its grown to be so much more. We can write whatever our heart desires.

Think about it wrimos, write what you want, live how you’d like to! :)
Have an amazing day/weekend!

I am going to visit my family this weekend so I am not positive that I will be able to post during the weekend, but I will surely try!
– Mazie

NaNo Prep – Day 12: Write Chains


Hey pieces,
Today I am going to be talking about something new that I will be trying this NaNoWrimo, and that is THE WRITE CHAIN.

This idea was brought to me by the ever so lovely Skye Fairwin from! She is an amazing writer and is super inspiring and motivating and her website is one of the most helpful I have ever seen!

A write chain, though way better explained HERE, is basically when you set a daily goal, whether it is write 100 words or write 2 pages of fiction, or just write anything every single day. The point is that every day in a row that you complete your goal, you get a link on the chain! And every time you skip a day, you break the chain and have to start over! Some chains that I have seen are pretty insane, and that is exactly why I want to do it.

A write chain adds so much reward to doing a task that you should do every day anyways. Every time you add a link to the chain it will feel so amazing. Not only that but it will also help form habits. After 50 days of writing 1000 words a day, 1000 words is going to feel like nothing to you, thats just a walk in the park! But right now it might seem hefty! The beauty behind this too is that you can set either realistic goals, or super out there goals and it will be the same level of motivation.

I think that every wrimo should at least try this, even if the goal isn’t the same as your daily word count target, just as long as you write at least 500 each day, you won’t fall too far behind! So think about it! Try it out! I am going to set my goal on the first of November and I would love to hear your ideas for write chain goals as well!

Please go drop in to and tell her Mazie sent you!
You guys are amazing, I love you all,
Have a beautiful day/night!

NaNo Prep – Day 11: The Unlikely Times

Hey pieces,
Today I want to talk about maximizing your productivity! This is something that I do all the time, and I like to call it smart-tasking!
Have you ever been doing something and then all of a sudden, you just start thinking about something that you should or could be doing at the same time instead? Well scratch the instead and try to find a way to do both. It takes some practicing at first but here are some ways I optimize my time.

Do you drive long distances to get to work/school and back? I used to so I know that pain, that 40 minute drive killed my energy and just stopped my creativity. My solution is to take your cell phone and put it on your center console. Turn on the microphone on it, (all before you start driving obviously) and as you are driving, say some of your ideas for dialogue, and plot points, just key events and helpful tidbits you want to record about your chapter. That way, when you get home, you have a 40 minute long recording of all those ideas, there was no forgetting them and the exhaustion actually isn’t as bad after, now all you need to do is type them up.

If you you are on the bus a lot, never be embarrassed to break out the tablet or laptop. Novel writing doesn’t require internet, and even still if it did, you can just type out your main ideas for the next chapter so that it is one less thing that you’ll have to think about when you get home. Even if your bus ride is only 15 minutes, it’s a 15 minutes you are going to put to use!

You might have a job, and often times you will have some times during the day where you will have some down time, keep a little notebook on you at all times for those little ideas that surely pop into your head. It will save you time later on.

Word sprints don’t have to be just for novels, they can be for chapter outlines too. Give yourself 10 minutes to sit down and jot all the main ideas of your chapter down and then when the time is up, have at it, you’ll have a sense of direction, and you won’t have any excuse to sit there waiting for the “what’s next???”

When I had other things to do around the house, like laundry or dishes or dusting, I used to keep my recorder on so that I could say my ideas and get two things done at once. It helped make everything speedier and cut my writing time in half. Once you can get past the talking to yourself thing, it gets pretty easy to do.

I hope these gave you some ideas and ammo for your NaNoWriMo arsenal!
Let me know in the comments below if you have any quirky ideas like these?
– Mazie

NaNo Prep – Day 10: Blog Now, Post Later

Hey Pieces,
Tonight I want to talk about blogging ahead! Being a blogger, I know how stressful keeping up with posts and everything can be so why on earth would you want to add that stress on top of the stress of NaNoWriMo? Why would you even fathom doing that to yourself!? So I am going to share with you my little secret and behind the scenes of blogging: SCHEDULED POSTS!

If you have a list of main posts you want written and posted in November, I highly advise you to take an afternoon and sit down and write those out. Schedule them with your blogs posting system so that you don’t have to think about it and just be on your merry way! I promise you the stress will lift instantly and you will be able to focus on your novel, while still keeping your viewers or readers occupied! This is a great way to organize your blog also. A lot of blogs actually schedule all of their posts a week or even sometimes a month ahead, and so please don’t feel like its “cheating” or “dishonest” It is legitimately life-saving!

Let me know in the comments below if there are any things that you would like me to talk about with these posts, as I don’t have these ones scheduled, I am just coming up with ideas as I go!

Thanks for reading as always, if you haven’t already please follow theselittlepieces <3
– Love always, Mazie

365 Haiku Challenge: Week 41



Push the needles in,

the ink falls into its place,

just tattoo my heart.


The ink in my pen,

pierces the blankest paper,

It makes it my own.


And the wings flutter,

and try to fly and not fall,

the weight is too much.


The cinema reels,

keep rolling and keep playing,

movies on the screen.


The flowers shrivel,

In the frost and frozen cold,

they wil rise back up.


Bird bath is empty,

the birds all hide in their nests,

come back next season.


The rain turns to snow,

and the puddles turn to ice,

The street is a rink.