BOOK REVIEW AND CONTEST: “The Watchers Book 1: Knight of Light”

Hey pieces,I am so so excited that I was given the opportunity to read this book, and I am so excited to announce the contest in light of the “Knight of Light” release! This read was not only wonderful but so easy to get engulfed in! So here, as promised, my review! 

The Review:

Often I can only read when it is rainy or snowy or stormy out, otherwise I am usually outside, shopping or going on adventures. However, this book kept me hooked! I was reading it on the balcony every morning with breakfast, and I found myself walking around my apartment making dinner while still immersed in this world. I couldn’t help but become attached completely. I felt like I was a part of their team, marching around on their great adventure. I was part of their pack. More specifically I became super attached to Auriella. Not only was she a strong female leading the story and her friends through this scary at times and whimsical at others, intricately written world, but she was also a fiery redhead with some spunk, and that is something that I obviously can get behind!The dialect that Deirdra uses for Cassie is so adorable not even my sweet tooth can handle her. The attitude on her is just so irresistible and no matter the situations they found themselves in, Cassie was always a bright little shiney part.As for plot, the Knight of Light is genius in that every chapter was a page turner, and it ends off on an amazing discovery that has me aching for more. It has been a really long time since I have been able to become invested in a fantasy novel, but this one is exactly what I have been looking for and I strongly, strongly recommend that you pick up a copy and show Eden some love!

The only reason I gave a 4.5 is because I think that the cover could really be more whimsical and cater to how fantastical the story is, mind you I stared at the sparkling cover for about 10 minutes before writing this. But at this point in the soon-to-be series, I think that the cover might mean something more and we aren’t entirely in on it yet!

4.5 out of 5 stars
The Watchers Book 1: Knight of Light


In England, 1270 A.D., Auriella (pronounced yurr-ee-ella) flees her village after being accused of witchcraft. Pursued by nightmarish creatures, she struggles to accept the truth about her humanity.

Filled with fairies, dwarves, pixies, dragons, demons, and monsters, Knight of Light is an enthralling tale that will capture the imaginations of readers young and old.

The Watchers Series has been described as Braveheart meets Supernatural.

The mythology for the series is based on many theological texts from dozens of sects with correlating themes. Ancient writings include The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Traditional Apocrypha, The Pearl of Great Price, and The Kabbalah.

“The Watchers” are supernatural beings in human form whose duty it is to protect and guard mankind from the armies of darkness.
Unfortunately, as the Book of Enoch mentions, some of these Watchers go bad. Although the mythology is based on these texts, Deirdra Eden’s The Watcher’s Series is written in a traditional fairytale style with a young girl’s discovery of incredible, but dangerous powers within herself, a cast of humorous side-kicks, a quest for greater self-discovery and purpose, and villains of epic proportions

 About the Author


“My goal in writing is to saturate my books with intrigue, mystery, romance, and plot twists that will keep my readers in suspense. I want to see fingerprints on the front and back covers where readers have gripped the novel with white knuckles!

Aside from writing, I enjoy jousting in arenas, planning invasions, horseback riding through open meadows, swimming in the ocean, hiking up mountains, camping in cool shady woods, climbing trees barefoot, and going on adventures.”

-Deirdra Eden

Find Deirdra Eden and The Watchers Series online on AmazonDeirdra’s websiteFacebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Wattpad, and Pinterest.

If you want to win a $100 Amazon gift card and a print copy of the book (10 winners for the book) then definitely check out the giveaway link below!
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To Asfix


“I am a college student like you, though I do not know what I want to do as a living and am scared that I may end up working at McDonalds for my whole life. There’s stuff I am interested in such as art and philosophy although I don’t have good hand eye co-ordination. I don’t know what to do. – Asfix”

I hear McDonalds isn’t actually the bad thing everyone says it is, but that story is definitely for a different time. If you do not want to end up somewhere like that, than simply don’t. People seem to think that it’s either college or fast food, when really there is no relation whatsoever! I think that the secondary schools are to blame for this, when I was in grade 12 I felt like I was seeing the guidance counsellor 3 times a week to talk about my future and what university I would be attending. I felt so rushed when all that time I thought it should have been a personal explorative experience. I honestly think that these school should bring back the year 13, just so that these 17 year olds can get another chance. I rushed right into university and after 2 years of a very intensive English Literature and Philosophy program, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wish I had of waited a year or more to actually think about what I wanted to do with my life. Sorry about this little rant, I just thought it might show you that it is probably not actually your fault that you don’t know what you want to do.

My advice to you is that you take as much time as you need. I want you to sit down and write down your top three dream jobs. do you remember those little cloud brainstorming maps they used to make everyone do in elementary school!? DO THAT! I kid you not this is what I did to decide that I wanted to be a journalist instead of a princess. Okay so once you have narrowed it down to your top 3 dream jobs, I want you to write 3 skills that you need to do such a job, For example if I picked journalism, I would write photography, writing and reporting. I want you to look at all of those skills and I want you to pick and choose which ones you actually see yourself doing, and do not just pick the easy ones. I want you to pick the ones you genuinely want to learn to do, and the ones that you know you will love doing. Because a career isn’t about the money, (even though money is nice) it is about doing what you love most, so that your job is not actually a job. 
Next, once you have narrowed down which one you can really see yourself loving, I want you to write down the steps in which you will need to take to get there. From enrolling in school, or finding an internship or whatever you need to start, all the way to the top, where you will be in your dream position. You could even map out how many ears it might take or give yourself some kind of deadline. 

The thing about life is that it does keep going, and that you do have time to make mistakes still. If you are close to my age at all, you especially have time. I know people that are in their 40’s that are still in school, and have no plans on leaving until they figure out what they want to do. This is what the part time job is for! So if you want to do art, take some art classes, perfect some skills, talk to artists, surround yourself in art! If you want to work in philosophy, do the same thing, and engulf yourself in theories! Yes the future matters, but that depends on how far in the future you are looking. We can’t plan for what we can’t see, right! 

Just stay calm and live your life just as you want to,

- Maz

To Blank Page Hater


“I love writing, whether it’s personal, for fun, or to get published but sometimes I lose motivation after I start. I’m not saying I lose interest but I lack motivation. The blank page on Microsoft Word annoys the crap out of me. What are some ways I can get motivated and stay motivated to write?”

Hey Blank Page Hater, 
I am also an extreme hater of the blank page. There is just something so daunting about it, and its shoving it in your face constantly, like “Hey you, ya you, you haven’t written anything. You going to do it?”

I think a lot of writers get the same feeling though to be honest. So here is my advice for the unmotivated blank page hater: *cue triumphant music*

- Don’t use Microsoft word! It’s super boring and super super distracting! My tips are use Scrivener, (My personal favourite), or Evernote or even just the notepad in your computer accessories. Microsoft word throws so many corrections at you and gives you absolutely no creative leeway. With the programs I have just told you about, they not only give you all kinds of amazing tools for writers, but they give you goals, and word count trackers, and data and information and outlining formats. They give you ways to keep notes off to the side while you are writing, so you barely need to look away from your story or piece. I honestly use all of these programs for different things, but they work for everything from a diary, journal or collections, to stories, novels and essays! ANYTHING! Go check them out… right now… okay wait stay and read the rest of this first please! 

- DON’T USE YOUR COMPUTER FOR IDEAS! Unless you absolutely have to…I want you to find a little notebook, just something small enough to bring with you everywhere, and I want you to find 5 things a day that inspire you. I want you to write those 5 things in that lil adorable notebook, and I want you to craft them into possible story ideas! Get creative, merge them together, do whatever it takes to create an idea for a possible project. You might not want to or be able to write it right away, but at least when you are sitting there the next time, staring at a blank screen, you will have more than enough ideas written down to spark some motivation! 

- Don’t force it. If you can’t write today, then go do something else. Go read a chapter of something go watch a show. Engulf yourself in something else and an idea will pop up eventually. Inspiration is everywhere, it’s just a matter of whether or not you let yourself search for it. 

- Do flash fictions! Quick little snip-its of stories, some people even limit themselves to using 100 words! You can go on twitter or even on wordpress’s Daily Post blog and find awesome prompts to get you started, or just use your lil book of ideas! 

- Find a community! If you have done NaNoWriMo, or have heard of it even, you will know that most writers work best communities. I personally found mine on twitter, like many of the NaNo’s and I kind of picked a chose specific people to stay in contact with throughout my writing process. If you need motivation, the best place to find it is in a group of writers, because chances are, at least one of them is motivated, and can help you get back on the horse!

I sincerely hope this helps and I hope to hear about all your amazing ideas soon!
- Maz 

To Body Hater


“Hi! I hate my body. I’ve been told I’m gorgeous and I need to stop hating myself, but I just can’t seem to love the skin I’m in. How can I love my body more? -BodyHater”

Hey there Body Hater,

Here is the thing about body hating. Body hating isn’t about how you look, but about how you feel. If you aren’t comfortable in your own skin, then things are going to be very easy. Here is some insight that might make things a little easier to understand:

I want you to pick up a magazine or look at one of those insane celebrity magazines, and I want you to try to compare yourself to someone that you think has a similar body type as you. If you have successfully found someone that looks similar to you, and be realistic, do not just pick someone that you think is unattractive just because you feel unattractive. If you have to, get someone to take a fully body photo of you so you can properly compare. I want you to look at that person that is similar and I want you to pick out all of the things they are praised for body-wise. The magazine might say they have a great butt, or awesome facial structure and photo ready hair. I want you to look at the way that magazine or whatever describes that human being. Doesn’t sound very normal right? That is because its the mass media’s fault that we are so uncomfortable with our appearance, when really all that should matter is how we feel, and how healthy we are. All that matters is that we take care of ourselves the best we can, and love what we’ve got.

Now here are some more realistic tips on how to love yourself more:
- the most tried and true exercise in the book definitely has to be the morning ritual. You wake up every morning and you get ready for your day, and before anything else you sit there in front of your mirror, and you think of one new thing that you love about yourself each day. If you need to you can write them down, but each day you are going to praise yourself on one different aspect of yourself. Please note that this doesn’t have to be strictly appearance, you are not only just a body but a person with a mind.

- minimize negative thoughts as much as possible. This will take some training and some mind conditioning but in time negative thoughts will just delete themselves automatically! (LIKE A SPAM FOLDER)

Lastly, just make sure to surround yourself with people that love to talk you up! People that are genuine and that care about you, because eventually their love for you will rub off onto you, and you’ll see what you’ve been missing for so long!

Hope this helps,
Sincerely Mazie 

To Strong Independent Woman,


“My problem is that I haven’t been in a real relationship yet. I am scared that I could lose the “strong independent woman” part of me that I am so proud of.

Of course a new relationship changes you. But how can I find the right balance of being someone’s partner and being myself? “

Hey Strong Independent Woman,

Not being in a real relationship is never a problem, it is just something that hasn’t happened yet. I think one of the biggest stresses that could ever be put on a relationship is that pressure to be in one. It clouds peoples thoughts and it makes the bond impersonal, which is never a good base to build a relationship from. The best bases are built from the bonds that form over time. The bonds that form after discussing the boundaries, expectations and most definitely future goals.

If the “strong independent woman” is something you are so proud of, then you hold that up and let whoever it is that you hope to get closer with see that it is important to you. It is so important that you never let someone change you in a relationship, because at the end of the day, you are your own go to person.

In my opinion, if you have such a strong connection with yourself and you are asking yourself these kinds of question, you are probably ready for a real relationship. New relationships will change you, yes. But the changes will never be as big as taking your main characteristic and disregarding it. You will always be a strong independent woman, and that will not change. The only thing that will change is that you are a strong and independent woman that enjoys being with someone, spending time with them, and that you could possibly love them some day.

As for the last part, the right balance is super easy for such a strong woman. The key to being a good partner, is to be yourself, because a good partner will love you for all of your traits! Healthy relationships often do not affect dependency, as if a partner becomes heavily dependent on the other, it could eventually create a strain in the long run!

You will definitely find someone that will love you for being independent, maybe even someone as strong as yourself!

So much love, Mazie

To Self Loathing,


“There is a part of me who can’t let go of who I used to be. I try to ignore what people say but no matter how far I run I still feel their words cutting into me. I don’t want to be a label anymore:( – Self loathing”

Hey there Self Loathing,

Sometimes we have such a difficult time letting go of the past, because we are so terrified of the future. This is super similar to how well we progress in our livelihood; we have such a hard time letting go of what we were because we are scared of what we might become. This is actually pretty common, even though it might be one of the loneliest feelings in the world. 

The biggest step is embracing the change. Changing as you age is almost inevitable, as some people do decide to never grow up, it is simply in our dna to eventually part from our younger years. Sure, you might always like ice cream or batman or cats, but you might not express those likes in the same manner you would have when you were young. This might be the hardest part of growing up: letting go.

The next thing you should reflect on is what made you so scared of letting go. What is stopping you from letting go of what you used to be. Why are you having such a difficult time. When you figure out whatever that reason is, make sure you take care of it too. If it is lack of closure, or comfort, maybe if it is someone from your past, tie up those loose strings and get ready to move on.

It gets tiresome trying to ignore what people might be saying about you, I honestly think that it might be an record on repeat for everyone, just a constant loop of theoretical mean things. Maybe it is time to throw the record play out and upgrade to something a little more positive. Instead of focusing on the bad things people might be saying, think about the good things they could be saying about you. The good thing about this is that it isn’t even vain! When you walk down the street and see someone just think to yourself, “Hey, that person is totally checking out my hair” or “Hey, she really liked my shirt.” It will be hard at first, but once you get in the habit of it, it will not only just be a positive change, but a great well-deserved ego boost. There is nothing vain about loving yourself, and never let anyone tell you differently.

Lastly, the label. Unfortunately in the society today it is super difficult to not be a label anymore…. honestly if I walk down the street, labels even pop into my head when I see people, and I hate that, but it is normal. Our generation is obsessed with know things and reciting things, and quoting and reporting things…. (Its facebook’s fault) We like to be able to associate people we know or don’t know with different social norms. Its how humans categorize other humans now. I mean, it is better than associating with ethnicity or colour, but it is a little bit ridiculous. My tip to you is don’t let yourself become a label. Don’t fall under any certain category. If you don’t want to be labeled, you dress however you want to, speak to and about anyone/thing you want and be interested in whatever you want, not influences or anything. Once you get comfortable with all of that, you’ll be your own category!

Hope this helps you out Self (Loving c;)
- Mazie

365 Haiku Challenge: Week 34



Little white petals,

Fluffy yellow pollen pile.

Reahes for the sun.


The pink fluffy sky,

it tastes like cotton candy,

melts when you touch it.


Pleasant surprises,

Super crazy happenstance,

the expectations.


Intangible dreams,

Walk on water just to sink.

Dreams can take their turns.


Smiling for me now,

Teeth pointy like a nightmare,

Please don’t smile at me.


Just the simple touch,

Anything would be just fine,

If you still touched me.


The breeze through my hair,

It whistles into my ears,

And plays on my skin.

August News and Updates and an EXCITING Milestone!

Hey pieces, 
Hope all is well on your side of the screen! 

So I’ve been a bit (or a bunch) busy this past few days. Between working and planning for school and getting a new hair cut and stuff things have been pretty packed. Aside from those things I do have a bunch of things that I need to put in here though! Lets start with the most exciting!

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 5.48.32 PM

We got to 7000 views!! Which is kind of insane for a blog that has taken more hiatus than….. *insert bad joke here*
I think from now on I am going to concern myself more with follower counts! Well at least until we hit 10k…. cause thats going to definitely be a contest and a giveaway!! 

SPEAKING OF GIVEAWAYS! I have been contacted but Eden Literary, and I have some exciting news!! I have been asked to review Deirdra Eden’s new book “The Watchers: Knight of Light” I am about halfway through and loving it in all of its whimsy and on September first I will be posting my review for the new book along with an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!  Don’t worry I will definitely keep you all posted! 

Also, we have had all kinds of involvement with the advice column! I am having some banners made up and what not, just to make it all official! I have a bunch of posts all lined up for Wednesday and am looking for more people to give advice to. If you need advice with anything from anxiety, depression or relationships to school, wellness and decisions please please email me, or comment, or leave me a message on the! 

Over the past couple days I have been thinking a lot about reorganizing the blog. Sometimes I feel like it is just a pool of everything I like and that it isn’t organized enough. Probably going to do that one one of my days off this week! 

I have been spending so much time couponing and getting freebies this week that I forgot to mention that I have signed up to do a bunch of product reviews! Pretty excited to see what happens with all of that! I will most likely designate a post explaining all the websites I used and all the couponing tips and tricks and what not!

We have made 7% of our goal on the Nerds and Geeks of Niagara College crowdfunding page! If you haven’t had a chance to look at it, please please feel free to go check it out, contribute or share the page anywhere and everywhere! We need it to spread like wild fire!

Stay tuned this week for some exciting new posts!!
- Maz

Nerds and Geeks of Niagara College


Hey everyone! For those of you who may remember, I am the president and founder of the Nerds and Geeks of Niagara College.  We are the largest club on campus and we are currently doing some crowdfunding on indiegogo! Here is the link:

I will just copy and paste the story from the page!

Hello, My name is Mazie Bishop, and I am the founder and President of the Nerds and Geeks of Niagara College (NGNC)

The NGNC is a place for the proclaimed Nerds and Geeks of Niagara College. For the serious gamers, the RPG Players, comic book hoarders, otakus, the fan girls and guys basically any and all fandoms/interests. 

I started this club to create a community so that people with such strong and passionate interests could meet others like them, and learn about other awesome things. My aim at first was to bring together a few people to form a group, but within the first month of school in 2013, we had already reached 100 members. By the second month of school we had 300+ members… and for a school club, that is pretty insane. We are the largest club on campus to date, and we are always growing. Currently our member base is 100 students, but school hasn’t even started yet, and we cannot even begin to guess how many students will join this year. 

We have successfully created a safe place to have fun, meet unique people and to share some of the most interesting conversations in history, and that is more than I could ever ask for.


What We Need

We are fundraising in hopes to raise $500 to go towards not only this school year, but to hopefully invest in other merchandise to raise more money for the years to come. I want to create a sustainable club that will be able to run, even after I graduate.

The $500 will cover:
- $100 will cover any giveaways or contests we plan to host, whether there are gift card giveaways, or movie tickets or maybe even convention ticket giveaways. 
- $250 will be put towards renting out space to host multiple big events like movie viewings, or gaming tournaments on campus. We already have the equipment (from our members and our friends involved with tech) we just need the space to do it.
- $150 will be put towards getting new tshirt designs, maybe some buttons or lanyards made up, and we have plans to host a nerdy bake sale/craft show at the end of the year to raise money for the year following! 

The first thing that anyone who contributes will receive is the purest satisfaction that they supported a community full of the most unique and passionate (and nerdy) artists, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, game developers, computer analysts and writers…. and that should feel pretty great! 

It is one of the most rewarding accomplishments of mine that I get to say that I brought all of these amazing people together, now just imagine how great it will feel to support them!

We are also working on some pretty great designs for a badge that you can put on your site/ blog or social media that will express that you supported the Nerds and Geeks of Niagara College.

The Impact


If we can raise this money we will be able to focus more on building the community and worry less about how we are going to get the funding to do so. The first year was so much fun, and we all got to know each other really well, but there are not very many places that can accommodate 300+ members. Our school does let us book rooms for smaller events, but there are capacity limits that we always fear we will go over and by funding us, you will be removing that stress completely.

This club has become a family and a support group for many, especially the students that  are so far away from home during the school year. We hope to not only grow more of a member base and reach more students, but to definitely start giving back to our amazing school that has allowed us to build such a unique community.


Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to contribute but would still love to get involved we would greatly appreciate if you could pass this along and post it for everyone to see. We need all the love we can get and that would really help us out. It is super simple to share this page through the Indiegogo sharing tools.

Thank you so sincerely for reading this and for your time and contributions!

Live Long and Prosper!
- Mazie Bishop,
President of the Nerds and Geeks of Niagara College,” 

As of right now, we have raised $15 in our first day! We are completely thrilled with the amount of sharing and contributions we have had! 

If you could share this page and let everyone know that we are a great club to support, we would greatly appreciate it! 
Thank you so so much for reading this and for sticking with me!

- Maz


To Anxious and Depressed


“I have anxiety and depression. I always feel like people are talking about me. The worst part is I’m right most of the time. How do you become more likeable? Because I’ve tried being myself and being nice. It doesn’t work.”

Dear Anxious and Depressed,

I know first hand what you are going through, but I couldn’t begin to say that we have been through the exact same thing. Everyones situation is different in so many ways but I can definitely give you some advice.

Firstly, no matter what, you have to know that it is not always going to be this hard. You need to have hope in the fact that if you want to change it, you can change it. There are so many resources and places you can go, or people you can talk to that are trained to help you if you need it. When you are ready to get better and to take care of the anxiety and depression, that will always be there for you, you just need to do it when you are ready.

Next, you need to try really hard to not think about what other people think about you. If you don’t have actual proof that people are talking about you, 99% of the time they actually aren’t. People are always going to talk unfortunately, but that is completely normal. This generation (assuming we are somewhat close in age) is obsessed with talking and expressing opinions, and knowing other’s opinions and just always having something to report, and it is unfortunate, but sometimes people just don’t have anything better to do. You just need to know that no matter what they say, the only thing that matters is your opinion of yourself as well as all the people who love and care about you. 

Most of the time people with anxiety and depression get a slight case of paranoia about what other people might be saying because of all the negative things that they think about themselves. This can be rationalized as: “Well if all of these things are wrong with me, then all of those people must be talking about it too.” However, you will always always be your worst critic and 9 times out of 10 people don’t see all the negative things that you might. 

In the case that people are talking about you, and that you have proof of this, then I advise you to either ignore them and move on because their opinions don’t actually matter or you can confront them and let them know they are not being very cool, you don’t appreciate it at all, and that they wouldn’t like it if you said those things about them behind their backs. 

As for the being more likeable part, I’m not 100% sure what the definition of likeable might be, because everyone’s definition is different. Thats a big indicator that you just need to find the right people, and that you might not have found them yet. Just always remember that you never ever need to change you but just simply change your surroundings. If your anxiety will allow it, try meeting some new people that have some similar interests to you, or maybe some mutual friends. There are all kinds of online communities for people that also suffer from anxiety, that will connect you with people that know what you might be going through.

Most importantly just know that you are never alone, and that no matter how dark it gets, the sun always comes up eventually!

Hope this helps!
- Sincerely, Mazie