365 Haiku Challenge: Week 39



The words just spill out,

Across the lines on the sheet.

Staing the pages.


Plastic yoga pants,

plastic bottles plastic plants,

Save the plastic trees.


Reinvent the wheel,

show you my brand new way,

rolling with the times.


The wailing woman,

Sobbing into the ocean,

Ashes float on by.


She waits at the door,

For him to turn back around,

but life can’t rewind.


Hidden containment,

The bed sheets cage me up,

I’m locked in, un moved.


Sharp and quick witted.

She softly spoken spit fire

She’s straight to the point.

NaNoWriMo Prep Month Schedule


Hey pieces and wrimos,

With October only a few days away, it’s almost 1 month until NaNoWriMo! There are many reasons this is scary and stuff but there are also a lot of reasons why this is awesome! This means we have just a little bit over a month to plan or prepare for November! And thats what I am here for! Everyday ( or at least almost everyday) in October, I will be posting tips, and preparation posts for NaNo!
This is going to be great for the planners, and it may just be some insight for the pantsers but either way I hope it helps!

Also, in other exciting news, I am one of the 2 Regional MLs for NaNo this year which is an amazing experience for me, because I get to help everyone else in my region reach their goals in this crazy stressful month of writing dangerously!

Stay tuned for some awesome posts.

- Maz

The 3 Month Goal Push To Greatness! aka Another list

Hey Pieces,

I’ve been thinking a lot about this year, and how much progress I have made with TheseLittlePieces, and with my writing in general and how there are still so many things I could do before the new year. So with that in mind, I have pulled together a few last minute goals to complete before the new year!

3 Month Push Goals:
– Revamp design (Headers, Banners, About Me, Signatures)
– Set deadlines (realistic) for a release of an online course or an actual novel.
– Try something new (Music Mondays)
– 300 facebook likes
– more focus on wellness, and my 2014 to do list progress.

I think it’s reachable folks, what do you think?
Stay tuned for a schedule of all the NaNoWriMo Prep Posts for October!
– Maz

Entertaining a Budget, or Budgeting for Entertainment

Staff Writer

Original article on Niagara News website and in print
Students agree that hearing the words debt, budget and bills causes some serious stress, especially when they already have to worry about maintaining grades. School can be so overwhelming some students aren’t aware there are many ways to save money while still being able to have a fun year.
It comes as no surprise that school and health are the main priorities of any student, but it is also important to relax and have some free time as well.
Alex Sobschak, a first-year Digital Photography student, believes it is smart to make time for social activities. “I think it is really important to make room in your budget for entertainment because after school is finished, we are going to be working all the time and should have fun while we are supposed to.”
There are many ways to save money. Brittany Tascher, a first-year Culinary Skills Training student, found some tips for saving money wherever she can.
“I am looking into freezer meals, which are meals you spend one day prepping for to eat healthy (and cheap) for the month. You can package them into single serving portions and throw them in a crock pot when you head to class and come home to a home-cooked meal,” said Tascher.
“There are also a lot of cheap options like breakfast burritos that will only cost you around 45 cents a serving, I find most of my recipes on Pinterest.”
Besides online ideas, there are deals and apps as well. Tascher said, “Check out apps like Flyerify and Flipp. They are great for finding what is on sale, so you can plan meals around what is cheapest. Groupon also has food deals in your area.”
Other frugal suggestions for fun are open mic nights, karaoke, cheap night at the movies or just free shows at a café downtown. Beach days or picnics in some of the beautiful parks in our region help too.
Dawn Mallette, a student in Recreation Therapy, said she feels having room in her lifestyle for entertainment is best for her well-being.
“It’s important to include entertainment in a budget because it allows access to activities not related to academics. It’s sort of like an escape from school and an outlet to de-stress and just relax.”
Being a student is about forming connections and getting ready for the rest of one’s life. Throughout, there are going to be times when a budget won’t be realistic.
Scott Vodon, a second-year Photonics student, stresses that a budget shouldn’t always be hardline.
“If your budget is so strict that you are unable to justify buying a coffee or a slice of pizza sometimes, you should rework your budget a little bit. A budget is a guideline and shouldn’t create stress in your life, only prevent it.”
If you are interested in creating a custom budget there are many on the Niagara College Financial Aid website, and most online banking apps also have budgeting software.

Songs of innocence or an invasion of personal space?

Staff Writer

Original article on Niagara News Website and in print!

Try it. You’ll like it! Whether you want it or not.
That seems to be the thinking behind Irish rock band U2’s Sept. 9 iTunes release of their new album, Songs of Innocence.
The difference on this release versus their others is that 500 million iCloud users had no choice in receiving it. That caused the most grief on various social media outlets and a trending tag of the “U2 virus.
Opinions have ranged from positive, in that the move was brilliant on the band’s part from a marketing perspective, to negative as many people feel U2 and iTunes violated their privacy.
Angela Maccaroni, a musician and educator, thinks the promotion was brilliant.
“It’s an ingenious marketing campaign. It is similar to ads under windshield wipers at the supermarket.” Maccaroni agrees this release would be annoying to those who are not interested.
“I suppose you can also compare it to the radio – if you happen to hear U2 and you don’t want to – you can change the station. You don’t get to choose what you hear on the radio either,” said Maccaroni.
Jessica Hendriks, a second-year Child and Youth Worker student, agreed with both sides. “I find it very smart of them to do this. By putting it on everyone’s phone, there’s a good chance people will listen to it and maybe take interest in them. However, I did think it was creepy to randomly find music on my phone that I didn’t download.”
The prevalent concern is that this could open the door for more serious data sharing without consent.
Brandon Friesen, a computer programmer/analyst, explains how U2 and iTunes flirted with legal issues.
“The release of this album is almost infringing on Canada’s new anti-spam legislation, which went into effect in July this year.”
Although iTunes users give these permissions when they accept the terms and conditions, Friesen said he believes this event could be compared to pressing a view or influence on someone, but for commercial gain and that “even if Apple is allowed to do this, is it right to? Probably not, according to the consensus of social media.”
At this point, neither U2 nor iTunes are commenting on the uproar but lead singer Bono published a personal essay entitled Remember Us? in which he mentions that their aim was to let as many people as possible listen to the album.
“For the people out there who have no interest in checking us out, look at it this way… The blood, sweat and tears of some Irish guys are in your junk mail.”

365 Haiku Challenge: Week 38



The suspense is strong,

relationship mystery,

Sexy detective.


All I talk about,

All I know is positive,

All I know is love.


Need to feel the pain,

of a sincere broken heart,

Feeling remembered.


He is my passion,

He is all my steamy heat.

He makes my heart beat.


This feels like deciet,

I feel like I’m not good enough,

you don’t have to leave.


Friendships are changing,

Friends from before aren’t friends now,

Is this growing up?


The light at the end,

Moving closer every day.

Light never goes out.

Bill You Murray Me?

Hey Pieces,
Today is Bill Murray’s 64rth birthday and only some of you will be aware of my constant love for this actor. His acting portfolio is not only beautifully curated but he is just a pretty stand up guy! I have a folder of movie clips and youtube links and funny pictures or screenshots all Bill Murray related, so that no matter how awful my day gets, I always have Bill Murray by my side.

It all started with Ghostbusters. It was one of the first cult classics I ever watched growing up, but ever since then, Bill Murray has been my favourite buster. He was sarcastic and playful and brilliant, he was everything I appreciated.

As an actor, Murray is so versatile which is another thing that I absolutely love about him! He can flick the switch and be the saddest most depressed husband ever, (Like in Moonrise Kingdom) or he can be completely Lost in Translation.

So this morning when my calendar prompted me that it was Mister Murray’s birthday, I decided to take action. I spent my morning collecting things with Bill Murray’s face on them. I figured that since I don’t know the man or anything, I probably can’t send him birthday gifts, so why not just throw a bunch of things that he might want in here, just incase he some day searches his name and sees that I’ve written it in this post over 20 times!

Here we go!

1. 00

I couldn’t find a link to it, but I am positive I have seen it on etsy! :3 Or I think I may have seen it on http://www.daintysquid.com.


Loving this print

3. il_570xN.434838711_t1i5

This case!!

4. il_570xN.556723497_j92g

These leggings!

5. il_570xN.474474847_kzf9

and finally, this beauty of a flask!

Well I suppose that concludes my obsessive post about Bill… I’m probably going to spend the day trying to get his attention on twitter or something, you know just the average weekend! (Completely kidding I hate when people do that!!)

Check out my Bill You Murray Me Board on Pinterest!

Happy birthday friend who doesn’t know they are my friend! I hope you have a stellar day!
– Maz

DIY: Sharpie Mugs and an awesome engagement! (NO! NOT MY OWN!)

Hey Pieces,

I have had a little bit more down time than usual, as I have somehow come down with a mighty morphed tonsil infection, and so between antibiotics and trying to keep up with my school I have decided to get a little bit of creative stuff done! :3

My great friends Sam and Cory just recently got engaged and so I decided that I am going to be reopening the etsy store so that I can raise some money to go towards their wedding fund! It won’t be anything crazy, but I hope it helps at least a little bit!

So with that I have been trying to find a new awesome item to sell in favour of the S+C Fund! And so my first item test is dadadadummmm!!! SHARPIE MUGS!


Here is what you’ll need!
– A mug
– A Sharpie Marker
– An oven!


Oh and a pencil! Quickly sketch out your design!

Fill in with sharpie!!

IMG_5825 IMG_5829 IMG_5834

Bake them in the oven at 350 F for 20 minutes! :) Let them sit in the oven for a little bit to cool down!

Just make sure to only ever hand wash them! Dishwashers are too hot for the marker!

Send me someone of you own mug designs or ideas in the comments below!!

If you want to see some other cool ideas for mugs check out my Mug Design Board on pinterest!

- Maz

KissMeOrganics Giveaway: And the Winner is…

Hey pieces!

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in my giveaway, the turn out was way more than I expected and I am so thrilled that all of you are as passionate about the green tea powder as I am!

Little update on my adventure through my bag of matcha green tea powder! We have been using it for lattes and for teas and for just a boost in the morning, I kid you not my boyfriend puts it in our coffee every morning, (A little goes a long way) I’ve noticed that we have so much more energy and feel so much better than we do after we drink 2 coffees!

This being said we need to announce the winner!

As most of you may have noticed the comments and recipe ideas are mostly on the giveaway post but I also received some to email and some on my facebook, which is completely alright too! Everyones ideas were amazing, and so I couldn’t pick just one by myself. So I dropped all the names into a random name generator, and the winner is: *drumroll*


Thank you so much for liking the blog and for subscribing! I hope you stay a while and enjoy your lovely bag of matcha green tea powder! <3

When you see this please go and check the email you signed up with and please please please respond before 48 hours, If I don’t get the response I will have to generate another name!

Thank you  all for participating! I am so happy with how the blog has been doing this year, and please stay tuned for another giveaway coming up on some more awesome organic products!

Oh one last thing! Please please please go and share my facebook page! I am 8 likes away from hitting 200 likes! Which would be my first milestone! <3

Have a good day pieces!
Love Maz

365 Haiku Challenge: Week 37



Collect intellect,

savour the hefty knowledge,

the learning life blood


Frosty glass windows,

Fingertips draw steamy marks,

Calls for SOS


Snow covered burrows,

The white fluffy cold blankets

Winter is coming


My pumpkin spice life,

Just wrap me up all cozy,

Let me warm your souls.


All my favourite tastes,

The pumpkin and cinnamon

Mixed with toasty love,


My little notebookes,

All of them categorized,

The tiny stories.


Warm tones and textures,

balmy blues and pouty plums,

woven bigger knits.