DIY: Sharpie Mugs and an awesome engagement! (NO! NOT MY OWN!)

Hey Pieces,

I have had a little bit more down time than usual, as I have somehow come down with a mighty morphed tonsil infection, and so between antibiotics and trying to keep up with my school I have decided to get a little bit of creative stuff done! :3

My great friends Sam and Cory just recently got engaged and so I decided that I am going to be reopening the etsy store so that I can raise some money to go towards their wedding fund! It won’t be anything crazy, but I hope it helps at least a little bit!

So with that I have been trying to find a new awesome item to sell in favour of the S+C Fund! And so my first item test is dadadadummmm!!! SHARPIE MUGS!


Here is what you’ll need!
– A mug
– A Sharpie Marker
– An oven!


Oh and a pencil! Quickly sketch out your design!

Fill in with sharpie!!

IMG_5825 IMG_5829 IMG_5834

Bake them in the oven at 350 F for 20 minutes! :) Let them sit in the oven for a little bit to cool down!

Just make sure to only ever hand wash them! Dishwashers are too hot for the marker!

Send me someone of you own mug designs or ideas in the comments below!!

If you want to see some other cool ideas for mugs check out my Mug Design Board on pinterest!

- Maz

KissMeOrganics Giveaway: And the Winner is…

Hey pieces!

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in my giveaway, the turn out was way more than I expected and I am so thrilled that all of you are as passionate about the green tea powder as I am!

Little update on my adventure through my bag of matcha green tea powder! We have been using it for lattes and for teas and for just a boost in the morning, I kid you not my boyfriend puts it in our coffee every morning, (A little goes a long way) I’ve noticed that we have so much more energy and feel so much better than we do after we drink 2 coffees!

This being said we need to announce the winner!

As most of you may have noticed the comments and recipe ideas are mostly on the giveaway post but I also received some to email and some on my facebook, which is completely alright too! Everyones ideas were amazing, and so I couldn’t pick just one by myself. So I dropped all the names into a random name generator, and the winner is: *drumroll*


Thank you so much for liking the blog and for subscribing! I hope you stay a while and enjoy your lovely bag of matcha green tea powder! <3

When you see this please go and check the email you signed up with and please please please respond before 48 hours, If I don’t get the response I will have to generate another name!

Thank you  all for participating! I am so happy with how the blog has been doing this year, and please stay tuned for another giveaway coming up on some more awesome organic products!

Oh one last thing! Please please please go and share my facebook page! I am 8 likes away from hitting 200 likes! Which would be my first milestone! <3

Have a good day pieces!
Love Maz

365 Haiku Challenge: Week 37



Collect intellect,

savour the hefty knowledge,

the learning life blood


Frosty glass windows,

Fingertips draw steamy marks,

Calls for SOS


Snow covered burrows,

The white fluffy cold blankets

Winter is coming


My pumpkin spice life,

Just wrap me up all cozy,

Let me warm your souls.


All my favourite tastes,

The pumpkin and cinnamon

Mixed with toasty love,


My little notebookes,

All of them categorized,

The tiny stories.


Warm tones and textures,

balmy blues and pouty plums,

woven bigger knits.


Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 7.06.01 AM

Hey Pieces,

For those of you who read my review on KissMeOrganic’s Matcha Green Tea Powder, you would know how much I completely love this product! Not only does it smell great and taste great, but it does some pretty amazing things for your body too!

So since I loved the product some much, I am going to be hosting a contest sponsored by Kiss Me Organics!

To be entered into the contest you have to:
1) follow my blog
2) you have to comment on this post with an idea or a recipe that you would use the green tea powder for!
But along with those two things, there are a bunch of other ways to get super easy entries!

You have until Next Saturday! That is 7 days until I announce the winner!!

So just click the link below to be transported to the entry counter on rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck Pieces! 

Muffin Money – Buying Vs. Baking

Hey Pieces,
It has been one hell of a day thats for sure! I handed in my assignments on time, I came home and napped for a few hours, broke a fever, cleaned the apartment completely, and I caught up with my blogging schedule! As soon as I was feeling 100% again I decided to have some kitchen fun and continue my productivity streak. So I decided to bake these beauties!

So I decided that since school is back on, we are going to be focusing on bringing lunches and breakfasts with us so that we can save all kinds of money that we wasted last year! This being said sometimes it’s a little more difficult especially for early classes. So I decided to get some muffin mixes and bake our own. On this particular occasion there was a deal going on in a flyer for food basics that was selling Quakers Muffin Mixes for only $1 when they are usually around $4! So I picked up 3 different kinds, and today I baked to batches! But here is why this is so awesome! 


You know, I’m not that great at math or anything but when it’s money math, I think I’m stellar. So here we go.

1 package makes 24 muffins.
1 package = $1
More commonly than not, you can’t even buy a muffin for a dollar….. but for the sake of simple math lets just say you can. (at timmies or something)
I baked 24 muffins.
24 bought muffins would = $24
 So I basically saved $23, and I still have 24 muffins… Thats pretty damn amazing.
That is such a great deal and so helpful school mornings, or for bus rides or just for bringing to school for friends. (Cause why not make someones day.)

It’s just recently that I have been getting back into price matching and couponing and other money/food hacks, so please forgive me if that is not what you are following my blog for, I promise this will be once in a blue moon kind of thing. I was just kind of proud of how smart it was. 

Stay tuned for an amazing giveaway from KissMeOrganics!! <3 So excited to host this!

- Maz

To Conflicted,


“Dear Mazie, I am in a relationship and I love my SO, but I’m finding myself wanting to be with someone else. I don’t know what to do. What advice do you have? -Conflicted”

Hey Conflicted,

This is a pretty serious issue. I mean, sometimes people can like other people while in a relationship, but wanting to be with that person instead of your significant other… its pretty heavy. 

My advice to you is that you should definitely sit down with yourself, and think about what is going on with your relationship right now. What does that other person have that your significant other does not, what is different. Once you’ve thought about it long and hard, I’d probably find a way to sit down and maturely talk about this issue with your significant other. the good thing about you doing this is that they might be hurt but the damage won’t be as bad because you are being an adult about it and bringing it up to them, instead of acting on it. Keep in mind, this is by no means ending a relationship, just talk to them, and let them know you’ve had some conflicting thoughts and that you want to figure out why. Say you want to fix it because you love them and they matter. That is what matters most. They just need to know that they matter. 

Next I would say to maybe disconnect from that other person. I mean, that is if you do plan on staying with your current significant other. I would just really think it all through and figure out what will make you happy. That is what matters here, and if you aren’t happy, neither will you SO. So definitely just communicate, make a plan, and stay happy! 

Hope this helps!



365 Haiku Challenge: Week 36



Collected pieces,

over time they became one,

forming me and you


She’s cultivating,

Every turn is like dancing,

Evey step is soft.


The comprehension,

He is intoxicating,

can’t help but fall for.


The lips stay bitten,

The hips remain held onto,

and neither will stop.


I can’t compromise,

the feelings don’t stop changing,

I can’t just pick one.


You’re a foundation,

you are my stability,

crumble without you.


Collect intellect,

savour the hefty knowledge,

the learning life blood

Product Review: KissMeOrganics – Matcha Green Tea Powder

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 7.06.01 AM


So yesterday I received this wonderful product in the mail and I swear, from the moment I decided that I was going to review it I have been anticipating it like crazy. I love organic products and when I saw the words organic and green tea powder I went bonkers! 

So I got my package yesterday and I have been playing around with it for a bit. With this amazing product they send you a free recipe book for ideas on what to make with it. I decided to make a smoothie with it and the awesome part is that unlike other powders in smoothies, this matcha powder didn’t feel gritty or really taste to strong! I mixed it with some simple things like berries and bananas and honestly it was so great! And they aren’t lying about the benefits at all! I am so energized today and I can definitely tell that this product is going to be my go to energy boost throughout school this year! 

I highly recommend this product because not only is it wonderful quality but it is 100% organic and 100% affordable, unlike many other organic products available in Canada. Its so easy to tell that this company puts a lot of love into this product and they just genuinely want to help people get healthier and live better! So check them out on Amazon HERE!!

I will probably start posting recipes and things! I read somewhere that this powder is great for not only baking but also a facial mask recipe which is amazing and something that I can definitely get behind!

I received one of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

New Discovery: Rosey Maple Moth

Hey pieces! 

Sometimes I feel like I just brush over my love for this planet and cut straight to the writing stuff (or just book or make up stuff)! Well this morning on my adventures through the internet, I am across the most beautiful, silly moth ever. If this is not some form of once-mythical creature I have no idea what is!


So obviously when I saw this beauty I thought to myself, there is no way this gorgeous fluff could be real. So I wiki’d and googled and just a heads up, IT IS SO REAL AND SO WIDELY “Awe’d” over! It’s stuff like this that makes me think that there might be so much more out there that we have no idea about!


Here are some facts about the Rosey Maple Moths:

“The Rosy Maple Moth (Dryocampa rubicunda) is a North American moth in the Saturniidae family. Males have a wingspan of 32–44 mm; females of 40–50 mm. They have reddish-to-pink legs and antennae, yellow bodies and hindwings, and pink forewings with a triangular yellow band across the middle. Males have bushier antennae than females. As the name implies, rosy maple moths mainly feed on Maples, particularly Red Maple, Silver Maple, and Sugar Maple. However, the adult moths do not eat.”


I think I’m in love! Honestly, this might be going on my bucket list, I don’t want to captivate or pin a Rosey Maple, But I sure as hell want to see one in person. And one day, maybe, when I’m all settled in, I can build the perfect terrarium for two of these and breed them so they remain on earth forever. A girl can dream.


If this is not some modern disguise for a fantasy creature like a pixie or faerie I have no idea what this is, but look at his lil arms and legs and antennae! He is just too perfect! 

This all being said, on Sunday mornings I love to read cool little articles and snoop through the waves of the internet and basically just find anything and everything that I can about this place we live in, so if you ever find something you think that I would appreciate, please please post it on tumblr for me, or facebook, or even leave a comment! 

Happy Sunday, friends!
- Maz


The Sticky Heat: Not a Poem


You know those sticky nights,
where the sheets plaster to your skin,
and the heat radiates from the windows,
that sticky heat that lingers,
The nights that end in cool mornings,
kisses for breakfast,
in the tranquility of the sunlight,
pouring in through the airy blinds.
the sheets don’t seem to feel as heavy,
and the corners don’t seem to crawl.
Just fingertips and eyelashes and soft,
just love, and light, and day,
But sticky heat is in my heart,
and it still lingers, its still heavy,
whenever I see you, or touch you,
heavy heat that makes make tear up a bit,
whenever we lay in silence.
Heavy love, that feels like certainty,
unfamiliar but I’m getting there.
Sticky heat frolick in sheets entangled,
please linger.