My christmas lights are still up.

If my dad was still hear, they would be down by now.
Not that I wish he was hear or anything,  its just that I hate christmas decorations. I hate any sort of decoration. What is the use of decking your cozy abode with sparkles and things that only make sense for one day of the year.

Call me crazy, for being a Scrooge all year round, but when I look outside, and see that my christmas lights are still up and there is still a little glowing skeleton in my tree from halloween…I get this weird feeling in my heart, this weird hint of maybe I wouldn’t have to see that if my dad was around. The seasonal decor wouldn’t even make a camio appearance in my life if he was here…because my mother wouldn’t have to redeem herself into the social norm. But these days, I think the social norm is a one parent home.

Meh….Have a holly jolly, spooky ghouly, hoppy NORMAL AVERAGE CALENDAR DAY.
…bah humbug.


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