I’m looking to pull a group of writers together.

I want to find my place, and I want to help other writers find their place too.

I don’t quite know what we will do once we all come together butI do know we are going to do something amazing. I have noticed recently that I really don’t write good bios on myself. How on earth am I going to find awesome writers to write with if they don’t no what they are getting themselves into.

So here we go.

The real life…Mazie Bishop. ( if you follow me on twitter you will know that My first name is actually mazie-olivia)I am 19 years old. I live in Canada (OntarioI am currently taking a philosophy course online, and am working as a Cashier in a Loblaws Company(Its sucks)I have a boyfriend, he is my best friend. We have been together for a year! I plan on moving to Toronto, to pursue freelance writing, and or illustration.  I am a studio artist. ( I have some knowledge in graphic design and photography, but mostly I enjoy sketching and painting. I write beyond my wildest dreams. I am a listographer…as my friends like to call me and I am absolutely the biggest she-nerd you will meet. Between all the Batman, pokemon and starwars references,  you may decide that we will be super great friends, or you may be so repulsed into throwing yourself out at 20 story building….if so…sorry about that.I mostly love everyone…but if you mess with Rocky Horror Picture show, or Big Bang Theroy, we canNOT be friends…and thats a promise!

And sure, I know I lack in the proper punctuation, spelling and formatting on this blog, but really, I do write properly.  Right now I am writing a collection of poetry. Its about love…pretty cliche I know, but its February.

I don’t know if I will be posting any of that on here…But you can request to read it if you want to!

Sorry for this post…I feel as though I rambled your metaphorical ears off. If your reading this…comment so that I know someone is reading my blog, because as of now, I think those 65 hits on this site are from myself, and my mother.

Stay Awesome Readers/Writers/Art Makers/Civilians.




3 thoughts on “I’m looking to pull a group of writers together.

  1. Well, now you have a total stranger leaving comments! Writers have fun lives. Not always laughing-fun, but always interesting-fun. I was throwing bread at the Rocky Horror Picture Show screen before you were born, so that’s a bond right there. Keep writing. Writing every day makes you better at writing every day.

  2. Well despite your opinion, I think you write autobios splendidly. And not to be self-centered, but at least one of those hits is moi. I would love to read some of your poetry though (even if it’s sappy). Who doesn’t love poetry that’s not all gloom and doom anyway?

    P.S. I love Rocky Horror, so I think we’ll be fine.

  3. Thank you both for your comments and support!
    @Quinn thank you for the advice on writing everyday, I try so hard to! Rocky Horror Show is a great thing to bond people. ITS SUCH A HEART WARMING PICTURE!
    @Alice I actually have a poem in the current collection called Les Fromage and its the cheesest thing I have written in a while! Thank you for the hits. I am so tired right now I seriously thought you had hit me or something…I was all like…”oh my god! SHE HIT ME!?” but then I realized that I should go sleep! Hahah! I am sure we will be great friends! (PS: I’m probably going to lurk your listography now!)

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