She found him in her pocket.

And as the rain fell she reached in her pocket and found his glasses, the ones that had one cracked lens ever since he forgot they were in his pocket, and decided that him and I should roll down the big grassy hill in the park; we looked like we were 10 years old.

We used to do things like that often. We would swing across the rive on willow tree branches we would hike up the moutain as far as we could with out me getting to paranoid, and we would lay on top of picnic tables (even though there were old people that wanted to eat on the) and just look at the clouds, and then look at the stars. Sometimes it felt like time was moving too, sometimes our moments were infinite.

When had all those moments been lost? When did his computer become priority, when did he decide that he wasn’t interested in me anymore? What did I do wrong?

I hold his glasses in my hand, they have been in my pocket for a week; thats how long I haven’t seen him. As I look at the little pieces of fractured lens, and I suddenly remember what I seemingly forgotten. That night that we rolled down the hill, he had said something that I didn’t expect him to.

We were too dizzy to stand up, se we just layed at the bottom of the hill until the sun started to go down. He looked at me and there was something different in his eyes. His hand slipped down and his fingertips touched mine. Our fingers intertwined, fitting together so naturally. He looked over at me, and I knew what he was about to say.

He was going to go on to saying how he has liked me for so long, and how he knows that I like him too, and that we should be together becauseneither of us have ever liked anyone else. And though he is right, I don’t want to risk anything. So as I guessed he went on with his speech, and all I had to say afterwards was, “I’m sorry, I have to think about this first!” and instead of being understanding he went on to saying that if I have to think about it then I don’t feel the same way. He walked away with out saying anything else and he wouldn’t let me explain.

So now, I stand outside his house, his glasses in my hand, and all I want to say is “I don’t need to think about it, but you are all that I think about.”

That night, I found his glasses, and he found my heart.

Thank you to Dan Goodwin, from  for the amazing prompt!


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