Love is not chocolate covered.

She had always loved chocolate, for as long as she could remember. But now, with him, it was different. Chocolate had become…boring. Now that she knew what love really was, she couldn’t even compare her affection towards chocolate to her love for him.

Chocolate couldn’t hold her close. Chocolate couldn’t write her poems, or tell her how perfect she was. All chocolate could do was make her feel happy, but it wouldn’t actually make her happy.

He made her a better person, when all chocolate would do in mass proportion, would hurt her. Chocolate was not her destiny, it was only a temporary pleasure that would wither with age. No true love will ever wither with age, and the love she shared with him was nothing but true.

No candy coated destiny, just pure love.

PROMPTED BY DAN GOODWIN, of @coachcreative (find him on twitter, he is pretty rad!)


One thought on “Love is not chocolate covered.

  1. I’ve just started doing flash on Fridays, so I was glad to see yours too. Interesting comparison between chocolate and love 🙂

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