Catching time

He collected watches obsessively, dismantled then reassembled them over and over trying to regain the time they had lost.

He never thought she would disappear the way she did. Involuntarily forced out of his life. What kind of sick soul would snatch her up like some kind of opportunity. Who would take her away! If she was anyones opportunity, she was his. The summers shared by the lake, the nights spent at the park on the hill, all the time that they shared. The millions of precious moments, abducted; taken away.

He held the little wrist watch in his hand. The little gold shell and the thin light pink leather wrist strap, so small and helpless. She always argued that the watch was salmon, and not pink. He always let her win that battle.

He twisted the little knob on the side and set the time back to 2:15 am, the time she left his house that night. The time she walked out. The time she disappeared.


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