I can’t put out all the fire.

Keeping up? Rolling with the punches I suppose. I can just keep up with the sun and the shadows it casts. I feel so much weight lately. So much demand. So many angry eyes! That angry 3-dimensial dissapointment. Stop anticipating that I’ll go on without failing a few times. Few too many times? I’m sorry, over and over, but have you ever fallen? Have you ever felt like burning all your bridges?  You don’t need them, so you might as well take them out of your periferals. But then you set the match down beside it, and it take seconds to engulf, but lifetimes to forget. Like setting fire to a notebook you cherished, you try to burn the memories, but you see them in the smoke as they burn.  You panic at your second thought and try to put the fire out but you only make it worse. So you give up, and walk away from it, but you can still see it in the back of your mind. Haunting.You have all these fires around you like there is some kind of enternal war happening. You can’t put the fires out fast enough. What happens next? Some kind of wave of despair and destruction? or a few more seconds of inspiration.

Confliction and complexity. If this is how the rest of life is supposed to be, its going to be raining.


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