It all started with a tweet,
or maybe just a bright eyes beat,
you mentioned me 100 times,
but thats fine,
because your book is pretty sweet.
I think your neat!

In any other situation,
I’d cut off all communication,
from fear of stalker creeps,
but something tells me,
creeping is not your motivation,
just some super-radical-creative connection!

Your book is really cool,
made me really want to go to art school,
but thats not in “the plan”, but still,
you helped me find my creative fuel,

so I guess thats the reason,



haha! This is a dedication to @kevinnnz on twitter. He is a cartoonist. He asked me to dedicate. So I did! ( HE IS DRAWING ME CONNOR OBERST SOMETIME, that makes him ….like a super hero 🙂

Hope he likes it!

Stay outrageous,

Over and out,
Mazie rhymes with SUPER CRAZY!


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