I wake up to the sunlight, seeping through my window, casting shadows and sparkles all over the room. My eyelids flutter then shut, at the brightness of the light, not used to its appearance. After months of deep darkness, the sun stung everyone’s skin. I wasn’t used to seeing the contents of my room in full light, ever since the darkness happened, it was just by candle light. All of my belongings, covered in dust, all of my books, burnt, or still moist. The picture frame that was near the hole in my wall, leading to the outside, had been frozen but now the ice dripped.

I begin cleaning the dust off of my things, as the sun begins to clear the terrible experiences out of my head.

{One of my first self prompted flash fictions, also the picture was also taken by moi! That is my favourite part of my home, at 8 in the morning!!}


One thought on “Reflecting

  1. Lots of symbolism in those 100 words. I liked it, especially love the way sunlight filters into a room early in the morning like that. A sunlit kitchen would be my fav room in the house, too.

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