A is for Animals: A to Z Challenge

(I know I’m late, but I’m catching up today!)

What is the difference between us and animals these days? I was sitting upstairs on my break at work and I look down over the railing, and there are two WOMEN fighting so loudly. Carts are flying, kids are screaming we had to get them both removed from the store. When did people start acting like such animals! I mean, animals care for their young, but they also eat them! Humans care for their children, but if they do something really wrong they kick them out without hesitation. So humans beat their children! What happened to control? If everyone just sat down, closed their eyes, and asked themselves: “Will I regret this?” before they do anything life changing or negative, the world would be such a nicer place.

So please don’t embarrass yourselves in a grocery store. Remember, you’re not in the jungle!

Stay A-wesome!



5 thoughts on “A is for Animals: A to Z Challenge

    • Thank you!!!! I love it!!! We actually sold that costume at the store that I work at this past halloween!! I wanted to buy it just incase I ever decided to have children….then I decided that would be an excuse to have one. :S I am way too young to think about that kind of thing! ❤

      Thanks for the comment!

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