E is for EXPENSES!{A to Z Challenge}


I hate that my life is revolving around how much money I make this summer. I am working in a garden center, hopefully around 4o hours a week, and I am super afraid that that wont be enough! WHAT IF I DONT GET ANYTHING FROM OSAP!? WHAT IF MY DAD DOESN’T PUT ANY MONEY IN! WHAT HAPPENS IF I DONT HAVE MONEY FOR BOOKS! I hate that I am so bad with money, and I hate that I hate working so much! I wish I could just sit at home, and paint! PAINT THINGS THAT PEOPLE WILL BUY! Its a wild world, this small town art scene, no one wants to possess anything they havent painted themselves, or isn’t worth millions.

I am not sure how I am going to get to school…. all I know is I have that $3000 scholarship….which helps, but it doesn’t pay the whole thing! THIS IS ACTUALLY ALL I THINK ABOUT, EVERYDAY! If you are reading this, and you have some tips on saving, or selling all of my belongings…. please comment.

I guess this was more of a…complaining post, and for that I am super sorry!

Stay E-xceptional,

Moneyless Mazie…. (It’s got a ring to it!)


3 thoughts on “E is for EXPENSES!{A to Z Challenge}

  1. Don’t think about yourself as money less, you’ll just bring more of it. I even altered my bank account (in plain good ol’ MS paint!) to show the figures that I want. It may be a bit of a challenge to see things the way that they are not, but unleash that creative spirit of yours, and create your future! Paint! Show it on your blog. I’ve seen many blogs where people show their drawings, and they actually sell. Good Luck with that! Find a picture out there of a stack of dollar bills (or whatever works for you) and puts your face in it! Let your mind do the work, and then follow up with action!

  2. Someone once told me to keep telling myself that money was abundantly flowing through me. I found that so hard to implement, so I placed dollar bills all around my house and in my pockets and people would comment, “You have money everywhere.” It helped to hear that, because I could tell myself that I had money everywhere and more money seemed to come as if out of nowhere. Also, I never even had $10 to put aside. I raised four children alone, so what I would do is post in my check book that if I deposited say, $10.50, I would record the actual amount, but add only $10.00 to the balance. If I made out a check for $10.50, I would record it as $10.50, but deduct $11.00. Eventually all that change added up and I could periodically take the kids out for dinner. I also bought myself a laptop that way 😉 Hope that helps. If you would like to read my “E” blog post, please go to the top blog at http://myheartblogstoyou.blogspot.com/

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