F is for Fairytale….and FRIENDS {A to Z Challenge}


What is a fairytale? Is it some whimsical tale, full of talking animals, damsel peasants and rich princes, or is it just a story a with a moral? I like to believe that fairytale’s are full of little pieces of  reality, coated in sweet lines of poetic candy, and adventure! If that’s the case, then why are they so hard to write! I once wrote a fairytale about this explorer being teased by this tricky riddlish pixie, and I plan on building that into a more kid friendly story…instead of the slightly disturbing adult fairytale it is right now. I eventually want to illustrate it!
I keep having all of these little “bits and pieces ideas” and I am so happy that I record them all, I just wish that I had the time to start them all! BETWEEN THE HUGE ASSIGNMENTS I HAVE IN MY PHILOSOPHY COARSE AND THE MILLIONS OF HOURS I AM WORKING OR IN DRIVING LESSONS,  I am so busy, and I am so exhausted! That leads me to part two of  “F”
I love mine, all dearly. I love the ones I have made online, and the ones that live far away from me like my best friends Sylv and Marcus, and the ones that live close! BUT IF I DON’T WANT TO HANG OUT EVERY NIGHT, PLEASE DO NOT BE INSULTED! I am seriously swamped, and I have been trying to fit in reasonable time with everyone evenly (Jeff is an exception!) It just stresses me out more to feel like my friends resent me for wanting to take a “me night!”
I recently accepted my offer to Brock University, and with that comes the responsiblity of finding someone to live with/carpool with along with OSAP, my double major meeting, class picking and other time consuming things! It will be worth it in the long run, its just right now I am feeling like such an adult! I feel like I only do as much as I have to, and I do it all last minute.
In conclusion of all these stressful little thoughts and ideas, I work today, and will be home before dinner, which will give me opportunity to finish the huge philosophy assignment, will give me an hour of personal work time, and I can still go on a huge coffee date with everyone! This is what I call time budgeting, and my little owl date book is definately feeling it!
I hope everyone has a F-antastic day!
Stay F-luent…..in F-innish (the language….I DON’T KNOW! I TRIED!!!!!!)
Love, Maz

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