I is for Ideas {A to Z Challenge}


Sure, I have some crazy ideas sometimes, but I think its important to think big. I know that big ideas are easy to lose momentum in…just think of it like your pushing this huge boulder up this mountain….(the idea is the boulder…OBVIOUSLY!) You just have to keep pushing the idea up the mountain (keep thinking about the idea) and then as soon as you get to the top just let go and it will roll all on its own!

NOTE: the one thing I love about myself most is the ability to create a metaphor out of anything!!!!!! I love you me!!!!<3

Tips for keeping big ideas in your head:

(it will slightly alter and that way, in the end, you will see how it has grown from that little piece of sand into a BOULDER!)

– Write it on a big poster board and put it somewhere you will look at every day. (mine is on my ceiling above my bed, and for personal purposes I canNOT show it to you!) {everyones got theirs secrets}

– Brainstorm- Remember in grade school, the cool little web of ideas that would help us find a story. ( I still do it daily)

Well Lovelys, Its a day late, but I think its worth it!

Stay I-dentified?….NO! NO! I-NSANE!!!!!



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