J is for Jeff {A to Z Challenge}

He is the single best thing that has happened since sliced bread…
I love him 8 million TONS of gummy bears.
actually my love for him is beyond measure.
He is such a goof! But thats good because I am too!
Jeff is who I am meant to be with. There was a time where I thought someone else was my “meant to be” but believe me, you know when you are with who you are meant to be with. I KNOW WE ARE MEANT TO BE BECAUSE HE THINKS THAT MY NERDY LITTLE OBSESSIONS ARE CUTE, among other things! There is no way this would have sparked if it weren’t for Ska Music!
More specifically Less Than Jake!! I think you should go google that..
Ya ^^^ thats us! He is the stay puff marshmallow man, and I am totally an UnDead Alice from Underland! (I made that costume ps!) Aren’t we just  pinch our cheeks adorable!
Anyways, Jeff  is in an absolutely amazing band that is getting bigger everyday! They mostly play in the Toronto area!
The band is called Small Town Get Up, and they are almost cooler then Jeff himself! ❤

So check out the myspace, http://www.myspace.com/smalltowngetup
and check out the youtube, http://www.youtube.com/user/SmallTownGetUp

They will make you dance and such!

So long story short, my dream of marrying a rockstar will be fulfilled and we will live happily ever after in a magical land of starving artisthood, in a cool little one room apartment the size of my current closet, but thats ok…we like hugging (we don’t need that much room! )

Stay J-azzy



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