K is for Kryptonite {A to Z Challenge}


What makes you squirm? What is the fastest way someone could get rid of you? Is there that one thing you cannot stand being around? Ya I’ve got one….or four, but one thing I have learned about having a fear like mine, or any fear for that matter is do not tell anyone what it is. Unless you are put in a situation directly where someone else is invovled do not bring up that you are terribly terrified of something! It is human instinct for us to constantly bring something up or tease people about something that makes them uncomfortable. Its just the cruel way we are.

I, of course made the stupid mistake of letting my friends know what mine was.  I never made that mistake again. But if you are looking to make that fear go away, telling your friends is a great idea. I am no longer afraid of feet and if you say a certain word ( that I am still uncomfortable typing or saying) I won’t squirm anymore! Thanks to my dearest jerk friends.

Just always remember, that no matter how pathetic you think your fear or kryptonite is, there is always someone with a more ridiculous one!

Leave a comment if you feel comfortable with sharing your ridiculous fears, or fears that you have heard of. For example : Some very dear to me, is scared of tomatoes. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Have a k-iller day!



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