L is for Late {A to Z Challenge}


haha! See what I did there! It was supposed to be L yesterday…but I was too busy dancing my butt off at an awesome Ska show to write! So here I am. Working double time.

My biggest pet peeve in the whole entire world is when people are not on time. I like being on a timed schedule and when other people can’t give me a time I go crazy.  If someone is late picking me up or coming over, without a warning I go absolutely insane. But what can you do! I can’t get mad at someone for having to take the garbage out first. I can’t get completely upset if someone was charging their phone for an extra 5 minutes!

But one thing you have to know about me is that I am never late! Never! I am always early … 30 minutes early precisely. People at work call me crazy but being that early has bought me time in the end. If the store is crazy, then they get me to start early, which lets me go home early! Or if I finish my homework early, I have time to do next weeks assignment, which gives me a whole week off! ( I’m doing an online course!)  But thats just me! I can’t control the way the world runs!

Stay L-ively



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