M is for Morning….AND MAZIE! {A to Z Challenge}

Lets save the best for last here!(not really)

Ever since I was little girl, I’ve been such a morning bird!

If you haven’t noticed from my writing, I’m really inspired by light, and the sun, and fire. And when we moved into this house I was so excited that my window is closest to the sun when it comes up! I am in love with the way the sun breaks through my curtains and covers everything! I often go for morning walks to the park to read at my picnic table…but it has been way way way too cold! I have found that I have become an AM Writer and an AM tweeter!

Secondly, MAZIE.

Yep, thats me!

Its not pronounced MAH-ZY or MITZI! It is to be pronounced as MAY-ZY

Often mispelled Maizey, or Maizie, or Macy.

I am not Macy Gray, or Mazey Mouse, or Daisy head Maizey. ( though I love Dr. Suess)

I do not like Mazes. I am not LAZY(well kind of). And I don’t have a twin named Daisy. …but thats the funny thing….The girl I am named after did!

Mazie is a family name! It is old english, and it is also french for Maggy ( I don’t like being called that either!)

My great great great great grandfathers first marriages set of twins were named Mazie and Daisy. Mazie died when she was very young, and Dasiy died not too long ago. Thats how I got my name!

I hated it growing up, but now I think I fit. But please do not mispell is or mispronounce it! The spelling of my name is all I have going for me….since all the neighborhood dogs have been named Mazey since I moved here….”Oh its such an ADORABLE(or insert any other terrible adjective there)…name!”

Stay M-agical



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