N is for Nocturnal {A to Z Challenge}

Tumblr_ljeori4phm1qe3evxo1_500_largeNocturnal describes me pretty well. I have a really hard time sleeping at night. I used to get 4 hours of sleep a night because I was unable to sleep at a decent time! But now that I am not in school, and don’t always have to get up early, I have been getting more rest. One thing I love about my little problem is the fact that I can work much more at night! I always get a lot more done! I guess thats why pulling an all nighter once a month is on my list of things to do! I guess I just need that kind of productivity.

Another thing I love about my habit, is the fact that it gives me something in common with the worlds cutest little prickly thing ever! THE HEDGE HOG!  Hedge hogs sleep during the day, and go crazy at night. I have babysat one before , and thought he was absolutely boring during the day, he was a crazy little guy at night! If only the only thing I had to accomplish was running on a wheel and eating…

Have a N-fity Day!



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