O is for Options {A to Z Challenge}


Sometimes I feel like I am speeding towards a fork in the road, and in order to keep up my speed I have to know where I am going so that when the option comes along, I just roll with it. I feel like I am not supposed to slow down and ponder about it. With the program ( Which is English Literature and Languages with hopefully an Art double major) I am going into next year…It can take me plenty of places…such as:

  • Childrens book illustrator and writer ( I have some Manuscripts for dr seuss like stories!)
  • HALLMARK CARD DESIGNER AND WRITER  ( dont ask me why, but I have always thought that would be fun)
  • An English Teacher in a foreign country
  • An art currator
  • Publishing (not childrens) author
  • an art teacher
  • A KINDYGARTEN TEACHER! (Nap time anyone?)
  • Or maybe an astronaut….?

Those are just some options I have thought of . I’m not sure if I will end up doing any of those…. Hey I might just join the circus.

I still have some mapping to do!


LOVE, Mazie


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