P is for Pieces {A to Z Challenge}


Pieces. That tiny little word sums up my entire life! I have been built from little pieces of history, from my family, and then one of the pedestals, that was holding me up and letting me grow decides to leave without telling, and I fall to the ground and shatter to pieces, and I’m back to the beginning. But now, that I have been given this opportunity to grow past what I would have grown up to be. Now I am pulling together only the pieces that I want to pull together.  I am healing but I am also planing my future, and one day, I will have gathered enough pieces to become something that people will pick up and read, or examine, or observe. I want to write things that won’t only reduce my readers to tears but make them inspired to live the way they want to. Once you step off the path your heart wants to follow, you’re sure to fall to pieces.

Stay P-oised,



2 thoughts on “P is for Pieces {A to Z Challenge}

  1. Wow. What a bullet your post was. I did step off the path my heart wanted to follow, did that for about 30 years, in fact. And when I recently knocked all the pieces of my own life down, it was for the purpose of getting back on the path. Now I’m building it again, piece by piece with the guidance of my heart. Thank you, this spoke right to the core of my being.

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