Q is for Quitters and Questions {A to Z Challenge}


Quitters. I used to be one. I used to join clubs and things just so that I knew what was going on, or who was in what, or when they would meet, and then I would quit. Don’t ask me why! I have absolutely no idea. I tried cheerleading and quit after a year, I quit kickboxing, I quit singing, and I quit baseball! If I had of stayed in all of those things all throughout highschool, I would be in a completely different place right now. But I like where I am. I like that I am sitting here writing to you instead of cheering for some university team. I’m glad that I am going to see Jeff tonight, and not be getting punched in the face at kickboxing! I like that I am home instead of far away on a sports scholarship.

So even though everyone says quitters are going no where, I am a firm believer that quitters will either go somewhere they were meant to go, or back to where they started….most times where they were meant to go!

Now….for my questions part.

If you have a question that you think that I can answer, or something you want to know about me, or something that you want to hear my opinion on, feel completely free to post a comment! (I am semi doubting that I will get any but its worth the try right?! I just thought it would work for Q)

Stay Q-uick on your feet!

Love, Mazie!


4 thoughts on “Q is for Quitters and Questions {A to Z Challenge}

  1. I just gotta know, how does a quitter become a black belt in Karate?
    And what’s your favorite colour?
    And why isn’t zardle a word? Don’t you think it should be?
    Oh, Eamon’s got a question for you too, “how is it that are you so fun to play with?”
    Have a great day!

    • I got my black belt around the time my dad went bonkers…good timing to quit!
      My favourite colours are definately orange…. and purple BUT NOT TOGETHER!
      I would like zardle to be a word becauseit starts with Z and I need something rad to write about for Z …and its not a word because WEBSTER THE DICTIONARY MAN IS SUCH A LOSER! ❤
      And Eamon…I'm silly and I think thats why we have so much fun <3!

      See you next week love!

  2. I very much liked this post. I don’t think writers are quitters. I think we are tasters. We go around tasting this part of life or that so that we understand it and can write about it.

    We have to create whole worlds and populate them. We have to understand the murderer and the minister and the minx and the missionary.

    But, on second thought, I like the way you put it better. We have to quit all those things so that we don’t have to quit writing.

    • Extremely well put! I love the fact that as a writing, I can string my words together and create worlds or experiences. I can turn someone life around, or upside down! To me, that is the best kind of control!
      Thank you for commenting ❤

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