R is for Reality vs Dreaming {A to Z Challenge}


I often confuse my dreams with what my life actually entails. I confuse the impossible for possible and always feel as though I am invincible and that nothing will ever hurt. But things hurt. Such an unpleasant surprise. This past week or two have been completely dream-like, and here is a little list of things that made me feel invincible! (I haven’t written you a list in a while!)

  • I got a feature on CreateWriteNow, (Mari, the amazing author of the site posted a painting of mine, and my article about my journaling experiences)
  • My blog has soared from 170 hits to 900 (and moving quickly) in just 2 weeks.
  • I am being published in Mari’s new e-book ( which I will post more about when I receive more information) My painting, my article and an my interview will be published so everyone needs to buy it! ( This is my first publication for my writing!)
  • I think I might have my first book idea. I can’t really give you any information on it, for I want it to be a surprise to most of you, but it is really taking over my mind!

And there you have it folks. Those are some of the reasons why I have been confusing my reality for a dream.

Stay Real,



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