R is for Roses {A to Z Challenge}


I am a florist in a big store. I arrange, clean, and condition flowers for 5 hours at a time. I am given a list of things to do each night and once I complete them I am free to let my imagination run in the colourful silky petals. I finished early so I decided I would go and clean the roses. No one will buy a rose with a bruise or a mark on it, so if there is one we tear that petal off. Normally, since roses are so delicate, they become bruised just from touching another rose for about an hour. So by the end of the week…if you clean a rose properly, you will get down to a tiny bud, where more petals are growing and forming and getting ready to come out. A rose can last a couple days with a bruise but if you wait any longer they begin to rot, and eat the rest of the rose. If you do not tend to the rose the bud, deep inside the big gorgeous exterior petals, will rot and will not be able to re- bloom. I believe a rose is like the heart. Your heart may be dropped a couple times, but it’s not that hard to fix after an amount of time. But if no one tends to the wounds and they just keep piling on, your heart with wilt, close up, and slowly diminish. I am not saying that your heart is going to wither and die, but I am saying it is going to be more difficult for the rose to bloom the following season, as will the heart, the next time around.

You are my florist. You have stripped me of my rough, scarred petals, and I now have room to bloom the gorgeous new ones.

I love you forever.

{I haven’t double posted for the a to z challenge before, but today it was called for. I wrote this a while ago, for I am no long a florist. I’m even more inlove now though!}

Stay Radical



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