V is for Vertically Challenged {A to Z challenge}


So I haven’t always been the tallest. Sure I was in the back row, for all class pictures in elementary, but I WASN’T ALWAYS THE TALLEST!

In Hamilton, I was average height, but as soon as I moved here, I became a giant. Almost instantly I became the tallest my age. And recently, I think I have discovered that I think that is why I am so shy.  It sounds childish I know, but I think I have finally figured it out! I think that I feel awkward and different in a bad way. I hate that I have always wished to be shorter.

I watch Glee last night, and it was about living with what you were born with. I guess that is what I have to do. Being tall is that thing that I have to learn to love! Because I am definitely stuck up here.

Stay Victorious,



One thought on “V is for Vertically Challenged {A to Z challenge}

  1. Vertically challenged, I like that expression. There are so many things we can be shy for, some ppl are tall, some ppl are fat, some wear glasses, some speak funnily etc etc. Some can even have all these! But just remember, without it, you’d be so different, you might not be able to write. So as you said, I hope you’ll to learn to love everything that makes you who you are.

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