W is for Weather {A to Z Challenge}


So here is a funny story. I, being terribly busy the past few days have been late posting my A to Z Challenge posts.  So I got up early today and I typed all of them up, and what not, and as soon as I was about to post them all, THE POWER WENT OUT! WANT TO KNOW WHY? ITS BECAUSE WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A TORNADO RIGHT NOW…It sounds like the is a freight train outside my house, the power has been out for 2 hours, and I have to go work outside soon.

I guess I won’t actually have to work, because everything is going to blow away! But any ways. This treacherous weather got me thinking, WHAT HAPPENS IF I END UP IN OZ!? I would be a much better Dorothy I think.

ANYWAYS, what it actually got me thinking about was, now I have no excuse. I have no internet, so I can’t do my homework, and I have nothing to distract me, so I can either sit down and read my book, or sit down and write more, until my battery dies on this baby!

So in a way, thank you tornado. Thank you for giving me time to relax and focus on my work. Thank you for giving me a lot of garbage in my backyard to pick up. (Ya…its garbage day…GREAT TIMING TORNADO!)

Stay Tremendous,



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