X is for ….X-traordinary {A to Z Challenge}


I want the extraordinary. I want things that people would say are impossible to achieve. I want to prove them wrong. But to obtain the extraordinary, you need to expect the extraordinary. And I think that is where I have went wrong. I always sell myself short. “Oh it isn’t that good!” or “This, this and this are wrong with it!” I have trouble believing that I am going to go somewhere with my writing sometimes, but any writer I tell that to, tells me that it is just because I am so young. I don’t think I am as young as everyone makes me out to be. I am turning 19 next month. Most writers start at my age. I just kind of jump started my writing career with help from my teachers and peers.

I think that is why I am having trouble pulling together a group of writers. Because most of the authors I have contact with, think I am the baby of this form.

I have to look past the title or writers persona I have been given and work with what I have to get this first book out! I have to expect that extraordinary things are going to happen as soon as I show someone the manuscript. I guess I just need that little push. That little voice saying “people will read it, just keep writing!”

I have to keep in high spirits.

So stay X-cited for your future!



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