Have a Seat


There were so many tiny details unfolding at once, that her tiny 2-Dimensal mind could not keep up. Things were alive in ways they normally would not be. The trees did not only sway but they danced! The flowers nodded vigorously, and the wind sang in perfect harmony with the birds and wolves. The squirrels delivered nuts and berries to the table, and the raccoons brought some leafy greens.The doe that she followed into this beautiful scene pulled out a chair from the grand and feast-filled table, and as she sat into the chair the doe pushed the seat back in. Two big eared field mice scurry up her shoulders and tie a large leaf around their guest neck, like a bib, and place another leaf in her lap.The place settings were made of wood and bark, from tree that had recently passed. The wildflowers covered the table, where-ever there wasn’t food.

She sits down and looks ahead to see if anyone is accompanying her, but that is when she sees that there is a familiar face across the table. It is none other than her own, staring right back at her! Confused she waves to see if her reflection will follow, but it doesn’t instead it smiles sweetly. Sweeter then she ever thought that she could smile. The sweet figure clears her throat and says softly, but just loud enough for her to hear, “It’s been a while! Your face has aged since I saw you last.”


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