Hey there all (if you are still around that is!) It has been way too long since I posted something! It is almost painful to say that I think it has been a few months. So many lovely things happened this summer and I am sure that I will have tons of opportunities to fill you in! This is not a note saying that I will be posting every day like I did for most of last year. Instead this is a note saying that… I’M IN UNIVERSITY NOW…which in other words means I have a lot of stuff to do, a lot of stuff to read, and a whole lot of stuff to write. Originally I thought it was going to be truely impossible for me to keep the blog rolling, and keeping up with the millions of assignments and clubs and wonderful activities I have signed myself into. But after a nice long ponder over a pumpkin spice latte that put me in a great positive mood, I have decided to schedule my blog! Now I vowed that I wouldn’t make this blog work. I promised myself that I would not make myself feel obligated to write, but I think that for my well being, I should probably find the time to write for ME! So here is how it is going to go down! Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays are good days for me to write, because I have a massive 6 hour break between lectures and Fridays are good because I have a lecture at 4! (bad planning I know…don’t rub it in!) So I have decided that Tuesday I will post a poem, or write an analysis of a poem…(which is cheating because I do that every day in class anyways…but this could give me free reign on my opinions and such! Thursday will be a day that I will post a review of something that I think deserves a review. And Friday will remain #flashfiction day.

Thanks for staying with me after all that time, and don’t forget,

Stay Lovely,

PS: This comes into effect as of next Tuesday seeing as I am going camping this weekend, and will be not near a computer.


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