Bound so tight,

No more freedom,

Art like breath,

But you took it away.

More freedom please?

I’ve given up trying to be,

Unique, something special,

Something singular,

Poetry like nails, keep me together,

It makes me singular,

Something special and unique.

Society doesn’t understand or,

Appreciate my inner freedom,

They do not enjoy my uncommonly guise,

Though I view their disposition,

A muse,

I don’t enjoy their views.

There is no ordeal; there is simply no issue.

For you may bind my wrists,

You may sew my eyes shut,

You may muzzle me like a mutt.

You can remove all beauty,

I will still prevail.

In thought, in mind,

Painting my world and,

Pouting in yours,

I don’t belong where I am not accepted,

Where I am restricted.


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