My 2012 To Do List!

Its a new year! The 2011 To Do List goes into the archive and the 2012 To Do List is underway!

If you have any things to add, please don’t be afraid to leave a comment! I love to chat!

  1. Receive flowers for no reason
  2. Bake something from scratch
  3. Slow dance under the stars
  4. Build something useful
  5. Try Hookah
  6. Plant a garden
  7. Send a message in a bottle
  8. Take pictures in a photobooth
  9. Learn to knit
  10. Learn how to write with my left hand
  11. Build a pillow fort.
  12. Paint a new self portrait
  13. Fold 100 paper cranes
  14. Fill a journal with inspiring quotes, lyrics, images, and… (accordian book)
  15. Learn how to read palms
  16. Memorize my tarrot cards.
  17. Learn Ukulele
  18. Make my own candles.
  19. Write my name in the sand
  20. Learn oragami.
  21. Make oragami pots and plant seeds.
  22. Go to Iceland
  23. 365 nature challenge – Draw a flower, tree or mushroom EVERY DAY!
  24. Make a 20 string cuff.
  25. Get my Smart Serve
  26. Fly a kite
  27. Sell a painting
  28. Create a terranium to inspire you. (Create a world)
  29. Finish what I have started so far (2011-2012) – Collection of poetry
    – Collection of short stories
  30. Learn to Crochet
  31. Read 30 books for fun
  32. Write reviews on those books!!
  33. Tie Dye Something
  34. Go to Yoga class
  35. Write a letter to Jeff (My Boyfriend) once a month.
  36. Don’t waste money on materialistic things… like getting my nails done.
  37. Save 2k for Iceland.
  38. Lose weight for Iceland.
  39. Write on These Little Pieces 3x a week. Use tumblr for pictures. These little pieces for writing.
  40. Make 100 bracelets.
  41. Start a flickr, to motivate me with all of my projects.

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