I’m like a dog that waits at the window for the mail lady to walk by! Its so cruel because she has to walk past my house to get to the “big mother” mail box, then she has to walk all the way down the street and I have to wait 30 WHOLE MINUTES!

So this whole things started 4 weeks ago! WHEN I RECEIVED A PACKAGE IN THE MAIL! The gloriousness of seeing my name and address on top. I was filled with glee and impatience. I tore the box open and it was this lovely little pendant that I forgot I ordered. I’m not sure if I was more excited about the pendant or the fact that the package had my name on it!

So of course I went on and ordered more stuff!

I ordered my text books online! WHICH SAVED ME A WHOPPING 40 DOLLARS! (ya that went straight to the ICELAND fund!), a book about palm reading! and a huge huge huge map of Iceland to inspire me everyday!

So I placed that order and went on with my day, and no later then 3 hours after I hear this huge DINGING noise coming from my blackberry. ( I’m not used to emails!) I open my email and I learn that I won a contest and as my prize I won a print from Marcia Furman! MORE MAIL!!!!

So of course I’ve been waiting at my window like an eager, blood-thirsty, mailman-ankle-biting hound! I WANT MY PACKAGES!

Yesterday I was really busy though, and didn’t really think to watch for the mail lady. I was in my room cleaning up my paints and paper when I hear this clunk, and my dog (who is actually a dog) going wild! I, of course, RAN FOR THE DOOR! I open the door and there it was! My mail box half open and overflowing with packages! There were three and they alllll had my name on them! I savored the moment for all but a second then tore them to shreds, keeping the labels with my name on them (I know I’m such a loser)! I got my two text books, my palm reading kit and my Marcia Furman print!

So as we speak, I am most definitely writing to you from in front of my window, watching for the mail lady, who I have this feeling may bring me my Iceland map today 🙂

I feel like I should tell you that I’m freezing my visa card….Amazon is so dangerous!!

Have a happy day!

Love , Mail- lovin Mazie!


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