I find myself looking for something more!

There has to be more to this whole blog thing then just the satisfaction of the seeing the comments come in! There has to be more then just simply writing into this abyss which we call the internet! Sure my Site stats show me people are reading but is that all? How do I know if I am affecting anyone.

So I found myself pulling the internet apart, searching for something bigger.

Not much was found other then two little tiny ideas. Paper.li and Flockler.

These two websites are built to help you publish only magazines and papers! And then I got to thinking! I’m on the internet enough! I could definitely pull together a magazine!

But then I snapped out of my “big dreamer” trance, and realized….I don’t really know what I’m doing on here yet. Yes, I make lists! Yes I talk about Iceland. and YES I talk a lot about myself. But other then that….how am I going to establish a main viewer base. Should I turn this into my writing blog again, where I post my poetry and all my short fictions. Or should I use this as a workspace for myself as an artist and a writer. Maybe I could use this blog to post all of my album reviews….

So this post marks another item being added to my 2012 to-do list.

“Make a plan for your blog.”

Stay Sane,



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