Review: El Camino – The Black Keys

In December, The Black Keys released their sixth album, El Camino. This 11 track album contains some of the band’s most upbeat tunes to date that are jam-packed with energy.

The Black Keys are a two piece band consisting of lead singer and guitarist, Dan Auerbach and drummer and producer Patrick Carney.  The Black Keys formed in 2001 and have since progressed from their strictly rock genre into a well known alternative rock band.

The first track, “Lonely Boy”, possesses blues inspired guitar riffs that pair well with Auerbach’s deep voice. Another combination that works in this song is the catchy chorus and group vocals. The multiple voices heard contribute to the lively excitement in the song as the lyrics read, “I got a love that keeps me waiting”. This song undoubtedly sets the bar for the rest of the album.

It is obvious from the first two songs that this album is heavily influenced by love, or lack there of. The difference between this album and all the other heartbreak albums is that this one recognizes that there is an upside to ended relationships. No where on El Camino do The Black Keys sound depressed.

Another song that will have you bobbing your head is “Stop Stop”, the ninth track on the album. This song isn’t as fast as some of the others, but it is certainly made up of a very 1970s inspired chorus and various rocking guitar riffs.

The album is entitled El Camino after the Chevy El Camino truck which was very popular in the 1970s. Though the car on the cover is not an El Camino, The Black Keys still capture the 1970s vibes and a whole lot more with this album.

(Nonesuch Records)

– Mazie Bishop

The official version and source of this review can be found in this weeks issue of Brock Press.


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