Review: Shoelaces EP -The Submarines


The Submarines released their most recent EP on Dec. 20 entitled Shoelaces. This six track wonder contains two covers from well known bands of the past, such as New Order, as well as two “bare-boned” versions of songs from their already popular full-length albums. The indie pop duo composed of Blake Hazard and JohnDragonetti formed in 2006 and have released three albums and twoEPs.

One of the covers included on this album is “Just Like Honey”, originally written by The Jesus and Mary Chain. The Submarines maintain the same slow and monotonous buzz that the original has, but they add some modern and refreshing vocal effects and eclectic instrumentals. This may not be a preferred listen for those who really enjoy the original song because The Submarines’ cover has a constant static sound in the background and lacks the calm and haunting group vocals at the song’s end.

“Shoelaces” is a popular song off of the bands most recent full-length album entitled, Love Notes/Letter Bombs. In this EP, The Submarines have taken the song and stripped it of much of the instrumental effect. It is by no means acoustic, but the vocals are not covered up by effects or overlapped so much that you can barely understand them. This makes for an enjoyable change, coming off as less mixed.

Overall, this is a great EP and provides listeners with The Submarines’ take on the past, as well as their ability to modify songs that we have more recently been given. The Submarines are a time-transcending band, capable of recreating songs from both then and now. The vocal teamwork between Hazard and Dragonetti is strong and will keep you hooked throughout.


– Mazie Bishop

You can find the official version of this review in this weeks issue of the Brock Press.


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