Good things come in three’s, but so do bad things.

The Three Bad Things That Happened Today:

1. I woke up at 5 to get ready for my bus which came at 6, trekked all the way to the bus stop, AND GOT ON THE WRONG BUS! I got on a bus going to Toronto….instead of St. Catherines/Niagara falls! Luckily the bus driver was able to pull over and drop me off on the other side of town Which he claims he never does), but I still only had 3 minutes to get to the bus I had a ticket for.I got there in time, and got on the right bus…which smelled like moth balls an piss….it was one of those mega buses which you know the night previous was full of old people coming home from the Casino.

2. I got A TERRIBLE MARK ON ONE OF MY ENGLISH EXAMS. I am actually so embarrassed that I won’t write it on here but it was bad… 65 % of my class failed the exam. So of course I get that back and have to refrain from balling in class. I finally gathered up the courage to go up to talk to the professor after class. I went up and I just simply said that I wasn’t looking for a make up or pity or anything, I just wanted to let the teacher know that I didn’t get the terrible mark because I didn’t give a shit, I got it because of massive exam anxiety, and lack of preparation in the more important texts that read. She understood and really appreciated me coming to tell her that. She was surprised at my exam mark, after looking at my seminar grade which was 100% and my essay marks in the 80’s.

3. In all of my panic to rush to get to the professor, I left my coat on the back of my chair, and there was a new class in the lecture hall so I couldn’t go in to find it. I waited around but I had to go to a dentist appointment ( I know right! It gets better) so I found a guy who was also waiting to get in to find his scarf. I gave him my email and asked if he could look for it when he got in. He emailed me an hour ago saying he couldn’t find it…. OF COURSE. Because bad things come in 3’s.

The Three Good Things That Happened:

1. I found out that I won a contest held by Rebecca Emin, and for a prize I receive a copy of here book of short stories, “A Knowing Look and Other Stories” ! Which I can’t wait to read!

2. I got to 2000 views on this blog  today, and I think that is pretty wonderful.

3. To be determined! I still have room for one more good thing to happen. Will you have something to do with it?

How about we have a lets try to cheer Mazie up contest! Winner gets virtual hugs!

Thanks for reading!



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