An awesome opportunity!

So today at school, I was busy playing RISK instead of reading for my courses, when the president of my schools creative writing club (such a good guy) walks by! We talked for a little bit and then he asked me if I was interested in trying out co-hosting on the clubs radio show, “Words Radio”. My reaction: SHOCKED! It is my first year and I have been given some great opportunities! Its hard to believe that after a day like yesterday, anything this awesome could happen!  So I told him I would think about it!


Step one – Worry about your stutter.

Step Two – Do a happy dance

Step Three – Get worried about how shy you usually are…

Step Four – Do a twirl!

Step Five – Doubt your natural wit and charm.

Step Six – Laugh at yourself for doubting your charm.

Step Seven – Say YES, I’d love to!

This is my Good Thing # 3!!!!

Have a great day!

– Mazie


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