Vincent Van Gogh

I’ve been reading a lot about Vincent Van Gogh lately. It’s because I am in a some-what history class and for our seminar, we are playing a dice based role  playing game. We are all either artists, critics or dealers in Paris in 1888. I am Van Gogh. Which I think is gnarly because he inspires my painting!

I read this  quote while I was submerged in my University’s art section in the Library:

“The more he struggled with any particular method, the more explosive were his pictures” – Vincent van Gogh, a biographical study translated by John Holroyd-Reece.

When I read this quote, something turned inside of me. I need to turn my weakness’ into strengths, instead of giving up, when I fail. If I don’t try to get better at what I do, I will remain mediocre at everything I do.  Sure I’m good at a bunch of things; and artist of many suits, but I need to focus on making one thing REALLY GREAT! So I thought about how I could possibly narrow down what I want to do. I mean if I stick with writing, I may have a definite future somewhere, but it depends on what I write. If I write poetry I might as well stick with living at home, until I can move somewhere where poetry is a big deal. If I go into art… I think I should move to Toronto, for the art scene is always growing and ever changing.

I still have a whole lot of thinking to do! But my heart is turning my head in the direction of writing.

So thank you Van Gogh, for being crazy important in the old Neo- Impressionist art scene, so that I’d have to study you and find that quote!

Have a great week guys! Next time I will tell you about my experience at Words Radio!

– Mazie


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