handMade Monday Mornings: Spice Up Your Old Boring Books!

So… I know I have admitted this before…but I have a little notebook problem! I just buy them in heaps! But along with notebooks I also have a pretty vast fabric and old wallpaper collection! I go to my local good will store weekly and get all kinds of thing, without making my wallet whine in the slightest! But now my closet is crying! So I have made a pact…to not buy anything else until I use some of my material!

So I decided to merge my two lovely collections together and spice up my life! and when I say my life… I mean my notebooks!

This morning I found some fabrics and some notebooks that I thought would go nicely together!

I then cut the fabric to size center the book so that everything is ready….. Once the craft glue is in the mix…everything moves pretty fast.

So now you take any kind of craft glue…. There is probably something specialized for fabric…. actually mod podge would have been great! But I just used white glue! Spread it over the book cover and then pull the fabric tightly over the surface! I used a ruler and pulled it over the fabric to make sure there were no creases or bubbles! NOTE: Don’t freak out if the glue comes through the fabric….it most likely will! But always remember! GLUE DRIES!

Fold your corners in and secure tightly with glue! I didn’t like how rough my edges looks so I cut some cardstock to fit and Voila! No more messy edges or glue! 🙂


TA DAAA!  Now your notebooks don’t have to be so boring all the time!



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