handMade Monday: “The Flash” pin!

So….a few weeks ago my friend was all like…. make me a something with the flash symbol on it! And I said YES! . . . . It’s small but mighty! This one is for Emily!

* I am a huge fan of The Flash! Probably my second favourite super hero….next to the ( raspy voice) BATMAN!

So here we go.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Yellow felt
Red Felt
White Felt or in my case….since I was too cheap to but felt, USE AN OLD TSHIRT!
You will need embroidery thread white and yellow,
a needle
and safety pins

I made two pins one for Emily, and one for me!

Put the safety pin though the red circle, then sew the white circles with the embroidery thread. Next the little lightning bolts and then your set! Wearing close to your heart? or on you messenger bag…. either way everyone will see your Flash pride!

Oh by the way, my hair wasn’t quite red enough! NOW IT IS!

Post some pictures of how you show your superhero pride ❤

xoxo Mazie


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