Howler: For Your Own Sake EP

In June 2010, Nick Arseneau and Brittany Brooks, from the little town of Grimsby, Ontario came together and created the magical musical duo known as Howler. With Brooks’ gentle but mighty vocals and soft and sweet guitar, mixed with Areseneau’s up-right bass, perfect contrasting vocals and all the other beautiful instruments he uses, they are really the musical match made in heaven.

Currently, they are working on their second album, For Your Own Sake, which is to be released in late 2011. But, anyone who has heard of Howler before knows how difficult it can be to wait for their music. In saying so, Howler has done us the great favour of releasing a teaser. A three song mini-release can be found on their Web site, to hold us over.

The first song on the teaser is called “Beachie”, and features unique bass effects that will remind you of the tide rolling in. The calm lyrics and instrumentals will soothe you back into feelings of those summer days. The next song is called “Jack-O-Lantern” and displays the perfect balance of bass and guitar. The eerie feeling created by both Brooks and Arseneau singing the chorus really goes well with the subject matter of the song. The final song is called “Little Trickster”, which makes for an excellent walking tune. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and the harmony will have you howling along.

It almost isn’t fair that they released these three tracks. They only leave you wanting more.


– Mazie Bishop

Review written for The Brock Press


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