Review: Blink 182 – Neighborhoods

On Sept. 27 we received the much anticipated album Neighborhoods from Blink-182. We were left hanging in 2003 when Mark, Tom and Travis released their self titled album, and went on hiatus after they got back from touring with No Doubt. A lot can happen in eight years, and the subject matter displayed in Neighborhoods proves that to be true.
The plane crash that took the life of their dear friend DJ AM, and almost took the life of Travis sent them spiralling into the darkness that is displayed in “Up All Night”. If you were a fan of Angels and Airwaves, “This is Home” is a great song for you, bringing Tom’s voice together with the ambient keyboard riffs. The subject of the song suggests that for the past eight years there have been many ups and downs, as evident through the lyric “struggle through each and every year”.
Though it has been eight whole years since Blink-182 provided us with anything new, it seems as though whatever it was about their music that we loved so much in the first place has not been lost or forgotten. For those of you who are still starving for the old Blink’s crazy drum solos and Mark’s hardy vocals, songs like “Hearts All Gone” and “MH 4.18.2011” will satisfy your cravings.
Throughout the past eight years, many of us never stopped wondering whether or not Blink-182 would reunite and continue to make songs that we love, but we can now put those thoughts to rest with Neighborhoods. Welcome back, Blink-182, it has been way too long, but us loyal and patient fans appreciate your return. (DGC, Interscope)

Review written for The Brock Press


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