Review: Deer Tick – Devine Providence

On Oct. 24, Deer Tick released their fourth album Devine Providence. The indie folk blues band has been releasing their music at a steady pace and has toured the United States extensively. This 12 song album displays how the band has come together despite the change in members over the years. The band is commonly recognized as alternative country, but once you listen toDevine Providence you may think differently.

The third song on the album, “Lets All Go to the Bar” will most likely become your after-midterm anthem, with a group vocal chorus and the perfect party pace. With John McCauley on vocals, his rough voice goes well with the static in the background music and pairs nicely with the subject matter of the song. This song will remind you of The Clash, and if you weren’t aching to sing drinking songs before, you may consider it after you listen to the this one.

The next song, “Clownin’ Around”, is a completely different pace. This song is probably the most folky one you will hear on the album. Ian O’Neil’s vocals are much gentler than McCauley’s and with the soft harmonies, native hand drum and tambourines, this song gradually builds up to a killer melody. The constant acoustic guitar melody and O’Neil’s shaky voice make it difficult to realize how sad the song actually is.

The rest of the album will take you on an adventure with songs that lead you to different settings. For example, a farm in the song “Chevy Express”, and the desolate road in the song “Main Street”. Deer Ticks’ rough and folky sound will make for great listening this fall.

(Partisan Records)

– Mazie Bishop

Review written for the Brock Press


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