Review: Lights – Siberia

On Oct. 4, Indie pop artist Lights presented us with her second and most recent album Siberia. After her first album, The Listening, she began vlogging on Youtube, which led to her releasing acoustic versions of all of her songs, and for a while we forgot about her electronic pop roots. But, here she is as poppy as ever, with a new hint of experimental sound. With songs like “Toes” and “Where the Fence is Low” that display her new dub step style, we realize that she is growing as an artist.

The first song “Siberia” will remind you of The Listening, and will take you back to all of her space driven videos. “Everyone Breaks Glass”, changes the sound up a bit and is a techno mix with a whimsical twist which also includes an unexpected mini rap session at the end.

Unlike most pop music these days, Lights incorporates deep lyrics with her fun music, so though it is fun to dance and sing along to, it is also nice to listen to what she has to say, incorporating stories and poems in every song. The cute words and metaphors she uses pair nicely with her soft voice, creating an adventurous and curious tone throughout.

Don’t worry, her keyboard and her echo harmonies are all still intact. Lights is still the same girl who once sang “Casanova” and “Drive My Soul”. She is still the same World of Warcraft fanatic we all know and love. Siberia will be just the right thing to bring the colour back into our lives while all of the leaves fade and fall, and will cheer us up from the gloomy rain we have been stuck with lately.

(Lights Music)

– Mazie Bishop

Review written for The Brock Press.


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