Review: Nada Surf- The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy

On Jan. 24, alternative trio, Nada Surf released their seventh full-length album entitled, The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy. The band, which consists of Matthew Caws on guitar and vocals, Ira Elliot on drums and back up vocals and Daniel Lorca on bass and back up vocals, have been playing together since 1992. Over the years, a band will often change their original style of music, but Nada Surf’s style has stayed consistent and authentic throughout the last 19 years.

The only thing that has changed is how deep the lyrics are compared to their older music. For example, in the song “Clear Eyes Clouded Mind”, the lyrics read, “The stars are indifferent to astronomy, and all that we think we know, Mars will salute your autonomy, but he doesn’t need to know”.

Though the band has been consistent within their alternative genre, the tone of Nada Surf’s music has progressively slowed down into a softer style. In their new album they channel their well-known upbeat selves. This album, consisting of 10 tracks is full of catchy hooks, which will reel you into the dreamy group vocals and dramatic snare drums.

The song “Looking Through” is quick paced with a snappy chorus and will surely become one of your favourites. We hear a little bit of experimenting on this album with some synthesizers and horn tracks in the song “When I Was Young”.

Overall, this is a great album. With the trend in 1990s style rock and alternative coming back, it wouldn’t be surprising if this album is the rocket that will blast Nada Surf onto the charts.

(Barsuck Records)

– Mazie Bishop

Original Version can be found at the Brock Press


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