Review: Never Shout Never – Time Travel



On Sept. 16, Never Shout Never, an indie pop rock band, released their third full-length album Time Travel. This new album is nothing like the first two full lengths or even the six EP’s that have been released thus far. Other than the name of the band and lead singerChristofer Drew himself, Never Shout Never is virtually a whole new sound. No more simple acoustics or super-duper cute lyrics soaked with sappy love or sour heartbreak.

Drew’s attempts at getting away from that cuddly ukulele player we knew and loved, and the attempt at making his way into the serious rock scene have succeeded. With the significant change in maturity in the instrumentals and lyrics, which used to be simple and very straightforward, we are now hearing deeply poetic emotions.

Some fans will not appreciate the way Drew is straying so far from his roots, but others will understand and see that it was time for a change. In his second full-length album Harmony, released in 2010, it was clear that Drew felt it was time for a change. The lyrics started shifting into a subject matter, which may have been harder for his screaming 15-year-old girl fan base to grasp.

For all you hardcore Never Shout Never fans out there, please do not fret. There are still little hints of Mr. Drew’s dreamy folk roots at the beginning of the song “Awful”. For those of you who liked his electric/ techno experimental EP Yippee, there are also some hints of that in there as well.

Overall, this album marks a huge turning point in Drew’s music career, and demonstrates the effects of the always-evolving music scene. If you are looking for something that you can seriously rock out to, Time Travel would be a great addition to your collection.


-Mazie Bishop

Review originally written for The Brock Press


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