Review: St. Vincent- Strange Mercy

In 2007, Annie Clark, also known as St. Vincent, came out with her first album Marry Me. The album consists of haunting vocals and evolving instrumental structure in songs like “Paris is Burning” and “Jesus Saves, I Spend”. Such a well put together first album would surely be followed by an even better second, and that is just what we received.

In 2009 we were presented with St. Vincent’s Actor, a collection of 11 songs that she recorded by herself in an empty apartment. This album pushed all the boundaries that her first album was not able to, with a spiraling fantasy-like theme, and lyrics that are not so perfectly strung together.

On Sept. 13, St. Vincent released her third and most certainly her most unique album Strange Mercy. Clark disguises her harsh words of rage and mystery with her soft and careful voice. Songs like “Cruel” and “Surgeon” will send you into a daydream within minutes as this album is perfect to relax to after a long days work.

Strange Mercy also has the ability to really make you think about losing your youth and how fast time flies by. The balance between the synthesizer and the genius instrumentals paired with the potent lyrics and her voice that only keeps getting stronger and more edgy shows how much she and her music have matured since 2007.

Over the years listeners have watched St. Vincent become more comfortable in her genre and flourish into the unique artist she is today.


Review originally written for The Brock Press

xoxo Mazie


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