Review: The Arkells – Michigan Left

Hamilton, ON based band The Arkells, bring us their newest album Michigan Left. After their first full-length albumJackson Square debuted in 2008, they spent a lot of time on tour. Jackson Square was well-received by fans from all over, and now we have been presented with their new masterpiece.

Michigan Left consists of 10 songs jam packed full of soul, snare drums and Juno-D synthesizers. The first single, “Whistle Blower” is a great example of the chemistry between lead singer Max’s strong vocals and the groovy instrumentals. It starts with a slow introduction then sneaks up on you with a killer riff. It will remind you of “Oh the Boss is Coming” with its catchy chorus. You will notice that they are beginning to use more vocal effects like a subtle echo, which gives a really spacey feel to the album in its entirety.

“Kiss Cam” is the second single, which was released recently. With its jazzy bridge and rock and roll instrumentals, it will be hard not to dance to this tune. Its chorus will take you back to the ball game when Max sings “The camera found chemistry; cheering for us in cheap seats”. He preaches to us in the middle and it breaks down into the soulful chorus. Try not to dance. Really, I dare you.

The fans were doubtful that the band would be able to come back with anything better than the first album, but now they will be saying that about Michigan Left. The Arkells are truly their own greatest competitors. (Universal Music Canada)

– Mazie Bishop

Review written for The Brock Press


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