Review: Tokyo Police Club -Ten Songs Ten Hours Ten Days

On Oct. 11, Tokyo Police Club [TPC] from Newmarket, ON., released their newest project called Ten Songs, Ten Hours, Ten Days, Ten Years. This album consists of 10 covers of songs from 10 different years, recorded in 10 days. You will recognize most of the songs as hits throughout these 10 years. From artists like Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Eat World, this CD provides a variety of beats. Even if you did not enjoy the originals, or even if you still think they were ridiculously over-played, you will probably still enjoy the TPC twist on them.

The first cover is “South Side” by Moby. The band adds their own touch with help of their friend Morgan Kibby. Lead singer David Monk’s monotonous voice works really well with the verses in this particular song. With an epic guitar riff after the chorus, TPCsucceeds at putting a modern twist on this song.

In the cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA”, TPC makes the song bearable. Though the chorus is still repetitive, each time it is sung it sounds a little different. Not to mention the fact that they incorporate a “Toronto Party” into the lyrics.

Lastly, TPC covers the song “Sweetness” by Jimmy Eat World, and mostly stick to the original style of the very popular hit, until it moves past the bridge into a keyboard riff that will make you dance.

TPC does a great job of keeping the important aspects of the originals, while still altering them in a way that adds something new. Every cover on this album gives these older popular hits a second chance and will surely be stuck in your head (all over again).

(Paper Bag Records)

– Mazie Bishop

Review written for the Brock Press


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