Review:My Brightest Diamond – All Things Will Unwind

My Brightest Diamond, also known as Shara Worden, presents us with her fourth full-length album All Things Will Unwind. This 11 song album consists more of her multi-instrumental masterpieces, where in most of her songs she is backed up by an orchestra. This singer/songwriter puts an indie spin on a baroque sound that we are not very used to.

The first song “We Added It Up”, starts off with just Worden’s voice, and an acoustic guitar. The song gradually works up to incorporate more instrumentals. Worden’s soft and clear voice recites the lyrics so calmly with flutes and piano, and the group vocals near the end bring this song together. Though the lyrics are tragic in some sense, the sound is very positive and steady.

“High Low Middle” is a fast song compared to the common lullaby tone throughout the album. This song is catchy and shows how diverse Worden’s music can be. The combination of electric guitar, a violin and the trumpet makes for a great swing song.

Worden’s lyrics have a lot more meaning than they used to, digging deeper and giving us more to interpret, which pairs beautifully with her always evolving music. In the song “Escape Routes”, Worden explains to us a story as the song continues. This is a great example of how her lyrical skills are expanding.

All Things Will Unwind is a great album because it offers a unique sound that most will appreciate. Worden’s voice has the ability to sing you to sleep, or pump you up, and both of those abilities are displayed well in this album.

(Blue Sword)

– Mazie Bishop

Review written for Brock Press


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