A Poem: The Lights in the City, are not That Pretty

It’s like a stampede,

when one is ambushed by,
these disapproving glances
from behind a persons perfect glasses.
It’s like a stampede,
but you’re not part of the pack.
you’re the trampled, amongst the dirt,
beneath it even.
and as these animals step on you,
do they even stop to look.
It’s arguable that they are aware,
” It’s a dog eat dog world out there,
ya better get your head in the game.”
Well you can’t get your head off the ground,
because people keep stepping on you,
to get to where they need to go,
to be successful.
Your business suit it muddy now,
not in the best shape to go,
up those marble stairs,
to that dark board room office,
a panel of judges,
not you,
not how your life’s been,
but how smart you are,
and if you will fit this business field puzzle.
They need a corner, but you fit in the middle.
Had another nightmare,
xoxo Mazie

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